1st District

Chris Butler (D)

“I grew up in the evangelical church that I now Pastor, and I’ve been involved in community organizing since I was 12-years old. I’ve been an advocate for universal healthcare and I have stood up for preborn children.”

Pat Dowell (D)

“I am good at connecting resources together with the people who need them. That’s why I’m running for Congress.”

Jahmal Cole (D)

“I have a track record of showing up and helping people on the block level, listening to them and delivering what they need. But don’t just believe in what I say, believe in what I've done. I’ve done all this showing up without the privilege of an elected office.”

Jonathan L. Jackson (D)

“I am ready to serve on Day One – I have fought passionately for social justice and equality and some of the same issues legislated by Congress.”

Michael A. Thompson Jr. (D)

“I am running because I believe the two greatest issues facing our district are a lack of jobs and violent crime. And the best deterrent to crime is a job in and of itself. But our community is having barriers thrown at us every day.”

Karin Norington-Reaves (D)

“I know the best way to combat crime in our communities is to create economic opportunity and help people find good-paying jobs to break the cycle of poverty. This has been the work of my life.”

Marcus Lewis (D)

“This is my 7th run for Congress. I am ready. I am an ordained Apostolic Pentecostal minister since July 9th, 1999. I believe in almighty god and the lord Jesus Christ.”

Cassandra Goodrum (D)

“The voting rights act must be passed and by providing equitable educational opportunities, stimulating a green economy, decriminalizing cannabis, and through supportive community engagement, we can create a profitable peace-filled, 1st District.”

Jacqueline “Jacqui” Collins (D)

“I have a 100% Lifetime Rating with Planned Parenthood because I’ve fought every day to protect women’s rights. The state’s leading gun violence prevention group has given me an A+ rating and their Profile in Courage Award. And, I’ve been deemed a Lifetime Environmental Champion by the state’s leading environmental group.” 

Terre Layng Rosner (D)

“For me, it starts with the children. If we don’t care for our kids, we’ve lost the battle before it begins. This is why I chose education as a career. I’ve witnessed when a young person achieves success and tragically when they don’t.

Robert A. Palmer (D)

“I am from the community and I understand its needs. Unlike other candidates, I do not want to see school closings, nor was I handed a silver spoon from my family.”

Kirby Birgans (D)

“When you’re born, raised and educated in a district, you get to see the disparities. You get to see stores come and go. You see friends leave for better working opportunities. You get to see the very essence of what people love about Illinois being overshadowed by gun violence.”

Steven DeJoie (D)

Did not participate

“His career experience includes working as a banking professional and entrepreneur with experience in business consulting, community advocacy, security and financial services.”

Nykea Pippion McGriff (D)

“I’m part of a club that no mother ever wants to belong to, but far too many do.  Five years ago, my son Xavier was shot and killed in a random act of gun violence … I’m running because Congress is a club that needs a lot more moms like me.”

Ameena Matthews (D)

Did not participate

Did not participate in the WTTW Voter Guide.

Charise A. Williams (D)

“Before running for Congress, I worked for the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority, where I oversaw a $500M budget and disbursed over $1 billion in State and Federal grants. I framed increases in crime through a public health lens allowing me to deploy resources in mental health, violence prevention programs, and police training programs.”

Jonathan T. Swain (D)

“As a former Commissioner of the Chicago Board of Elections, I expanded participation in the voting process, especially among Black residents. I founded the Hyde Park Brew Fest as a means to create community pride in a South Side festival that we could call our own.”

Eric Carlson (R)

“Conservative policies regarding economics, school choice, border security, and foreign policy are the way forward. But first, we must rid ourselves of the negativity of career politicians who have caused much of our current problems.”

Philanise White (R)

“From Cook to Grundy Counties, you have my word that I will represent you and your conservative values on Capitol Hill! Send me to Washington so we can get the job done!”

Geno Young (R)

“The most disheartening thing is going around the 1st District and simply asking people whom their congressman is, and they can’t even tell me. That’s a testament to the abandonment of career politicians like Bobby Rush who blow into town every two years asking for money and votes.”

Jeffrey T. Regnier (R)

“As a small business owner, I am frustrated with the direction our country is moving. Since the Democrats took control we are entering a super recession.” 

2nd District

Robin Kelly (D) - Incumbent

“I am passionate about combating gun violence and passing common-sense gun safety legislation. I had the honor of presiding over Congress as Speaker Pro-Tem when we passed critical gun violence prevention legislation dealing with background checks.”

Shane Cultra (R)

Did not participate

Did not participate in the WTTW Voter Guide.

Ashley Ramos (R)

“To create a new beginning in representation and beat Robin Kelly, the Republican Party needs an energetic and viable candidate willing to put in the work and be the voice of the people. I do not bow to tyranny, and I will not stand for government overreach.”

Thomas Lynch (R)

“I’m a normal American like most of you. I have a job, I pay taxes, and I’m not the smartest man in every room I enter. But all of us saw a future with high gas prices and inflation when President Biden was elected. Washington didn’t.”

3rd District

Delia Ramirez (D)

“As Roe vs. Wade is threatened, I am the only candidate in this race whose rights are being threatened and I protect reproductive rights in Congress as I have done so here in Illinois through legislation.”

Gilbert ‘Gil’ Villegas (D)

“I’m on the City Council, where I’ve expanded affordable housing in Chicago, led efforts to pass Universal Basic Income to put money directly into the pockets of low-income families, and helped deliver better wages for Chicago airport workers.”

Juan Enrique Aguirre (D)

“As a congressman, I will intervene and transform the 3rd District into a healthy community, which includes characteristics such as: status as a food oasis, access to reliable and affordable transportation, access to affordable housing, access to high-quality healthcare systems …” 

Iymen H. Chehade (D)

“I’m running on a simple platform - break the cycle of machine politics to finally put the focus on our communities and their needs.” 

Justin Burau (R)

“Prices are soaring. Crime is not being handled. And we have a drug crisis killing our fellow Americans every day.”

4th District

Jesús “Chuy” García (D) - Incumbent

“As an immigrant, I’m fighting for a pathway to citizenship and dignity for all 11 million living in the shadows. As a husband, father, and grandfather, I stand in my conviction that women alone have the right to choose their futures. Roe v. Wade must remain the law of the land.”

James Falakos (R)

Did not participate

Did not participate in the WTTW Voter Guide.

5th District

Mike Quigley (D) - Incumbent

Did not participate

Did not participate in the WTTW Voter Guide.

Tommy Hanson (R)

“I pledge to bring Red state politics to Illinois. The states you have dreamed of living in like Florida, Texas and Tennessee, to Illinois. Imagine loving where you live again, it’s possible.”

Malgorzata McGonigal (R)

Did not participate

Did not participate in the WTTW Voter Guide.

6th District

Sean Casten (D) - Incumbent

“In Congress, I’m incredibly proud of what I’ve accomplished, like passing legislation, signed into law by President Biden, to lower the carbon footprint of the federal government.”

Marie Newman (D) - Incumbent

“I have fought for universal health care, to protect women’s rights, and for an economy that works for all, not just some. I am running for re-election because the new 6th District needs a representative that is a doer, not a talker.”

Charles M. Hughes (D)

Did not participate in the WTTW Voter Guide.

Niki Conforti (R)

“I am not a politician. I don’t hold elected office. I am a fresh face to politics. I am not in this for me. I am in this to protect our way of life.”

Keith Pekau (R)

“Politicians like Marie Newman, Sean Casten, Nancy Pelosi, and Kim Foxx have put special interests, party politics, and extreme far-left agendas ahead of doing what’s best for the people they’re supposed to represent.”

Gary Grasso (R)

“As a fiscally responsible Mayor, Burr Ridge has the highest bond rating possible for any municipality - and I am very proud to say, the village is debt-free.” 

Scott R. Kaspar (R)

“I’m running for Congress so that my children and your children and the next generation will be able to realize the wonderful opportunities that I had and our district will be a safe place to live, to work, and to raise a family.”

Catherine A. O’Shea (R)

“We need to support our law enforcement officers, bring back our energy independence, stop human and drug trafficking, strengthen our borders, keep our economy and places of worship open.”

Robert “Rob” Cruz (R)

“Family values are the core of the American dream, and it’s how we have built this great nation. Unfortunately, we have entered into a new age that has gone away from this type of thinking.” 

7th District

Kina Collins (D)

“When I was in grade school, I witnessed a murder in my neighborhood. I knew the shooter and I knew the victim. And it changed my life. I went on to lead the largest gun violence prevention non-profit in the state of Illinois.”

Danny K. Davis (D) - Incumbent

“I am running to continue the productive work that I've been engaged in for most of my adult life, as an educator, community activist health worker, and a member of Congress since 1997.”

Denarvis C. Mendenhall (D)

“My goals for the office I seek are to provide funding for conflict resolution and better community policing programs to eliminate gun violence, carjackings and all other crimes that plague our communities.”

8th District

Junaid Ahmed (D)

“Most politicians end up spending more time in an endless cycle of raising money for reelection than actually passing policies. D.C. is stuck in that vicious cycle, and I'm running to fix it so politicians spend more time solving problems rather than raising money.”

Raja Krishnamoorthi (D) - Incumbent

“I’m leading the effort in Congress to hold accountable companies that are hiking prices on everyday consumer goods, from gas to groceries. I’m also leading the charge to ban Members of Congress from trading individual stocks to end insider trading in Congress once and for all.”

Chad Koppie (R)

“My main goal is trying to ban abortion in every part of the U.S., since it's murder. I also want to cut tax rates and spending.”

Peter Kopsaftis (R)

“I support a strong national defense, I support local control of schools and education in general and I would oppose the federal overreach that we have seen out of Washington, DC.”

Phillip Owen Wood (R)

“I'm here to help a generation understand that there's hope and that we need to embrace and get back to those values that have made America so great.”

Karen Kolodziej (R)

Did not participate

“I’m running to help our country get back to supporting the people of the United States, not the corporate rich, foreign persons or those looking to destroy our country.”

Chris Dargis (R)

“Today we face significant challenges in our country and around the globe, but we also have a clear opportunity to make a change for the better.”

9th District

Janice D. Schakowsky (D) - Incumbent

“I'm all about making lower prices for prescription drugs and making sure that we have a clean environment.” 

Maxwell "Max" Rice (R)

Did not participate

Did not participate in the WTTW Voter Guide.

10th District

Brad Schneider (D) - Incumbent

“I will continue to stand up to Putin and Russia from my seat on the Foreign Affairs Committee. And I’ll also continue to fight to restore the SALT deduction in full from my position on the Ways and Means Committee.” 

Joseph Severino (R)

Did not participate

Did not participate in the WTTW Voter Guide.

11th District

Bill Foster (D) - Incumbent

“I’m running for reelection as the only PhD physicist in Congress because America needs more leaders with scientific and technical expertise as we confront complex challenges and pursue practical economic solutions that work for all Americans.”

Jerry Evans (R)

"I love every day, but after radical progressivist politicians in Washington continue to attack the freedoms and rights of Americans, I have decided to run for Congress to bring servant leadership back to Washington and the 11th Congressional District."

Andrea Heeg (R)

Did not participate

Did not participate in the WTTW Voter Guide.

Catalina Lauf (R)

Did not participate

Did not participate in the WTTW Voter Guide.

Susan L. Hathaway-Altman (R)

“We in Congress will need to help frame that better America by doing exactly what our founding fathers intended when establishing the Constitution of the United States, which is to both make and pass federal laws in accordance with the Constitution, and also to ensure that these laws are being enforced.”

Cassandra Tanner Miller (R)

Did not participate

Did not participate in the WTTW Voter Guide.

Mark Joseph Carroll (R)

“Service, to me, is helping people when no one is looking with no hope for reward or recognition. And that is what we have lost in Washington.”

12th District

Mike Bost (R) - Incumbent

Did not participate

Did not participate in the WTTW Voter Guide.

Homer "Chip" Markel (D)

Did not participate

Did not participate in the WTTW Voter Guide.

Joshua Qualls (D)

“I am a firm believer that this country is for the people, by the people. When elected I will do everything in my power to help you.”

13th District

Regan Deering (R)

Did not participate

Did not participate in the WTTW Voter Guide.

Matt Hausman (R)

“I’m running for Congress because I’ve had enough—enough of the divisiveness, enough of self-serving politicians using fear and outrage to win elections, and enough of slogans instead of solutions.” 

Jesse Reising (R)

“I will work to strengthen our economy by bringing good-paying jobs back to Central and Southern Illinois, reining in reckless Federal spending, and restore American energy independence.”

Terry Martin (R)

“Let’s close the border. Let’s allow our oil and natural gas producers to produce more oil and natural gas – which will increase supplies, and bring the price of gasoline, diesel, and natural gas down to where it isn’t crushing the middle class.”

Nikki Budzinski (D)

Did not participate

Did not participate in the WTTW Voter Guide.

David Palmer (D)

“Safer streets, well-funded schools, and access to high-quality healthcare are the things we deserve and the things I will fight for!”

14th District

Lauren Underwood (D) - Incumbent

“There’s no time quite like a global pandemic to highlight how important it is to have access to quality and affordable health care. That’s why I wrote the Health Care Affordability Act which was signed into law and lowers health care premiums saving families an average of $2,400 a year.”

Scott R. Gryder (R)

“I’m a proven leader with a record of accomplishment and I’m ready to work for you on day one. In office, I work to forge consensus by keeping an open mind, listening to all views, then acting soundly, with principled judgment.”

Jaime Milton (R)

Did not participate

Did not participate in the WTTW Voter Guide.

Mike Koolidge (R)

“Inflation, the border, gas prices, crime, inflation, parents' rights in schools, war, inflation, life. Did I mention inflation? We have these massive issues facing our country right now and the Democrats currently in office in DC are doing the exact opposite of what needs to be done.”

James T. "Jim" Marter

“My plan is simple. Set our economy on a firm foundation of growth. Dismantle Biden’s policies that robbed us of our energy independence, bring back American energy, and stop the policies fueling inflation.” 

Jack Lombardi II

Did not participate

Did not participate in the WTTW Voter Guide.

15th District

Rodney Davis (R) - Incumbent

Did not participate

Did not participate in the WTTW Voter Guide.

Mary Miller (R) - Incumbent

“President Trump endorsed me because I am not afraid to take on the Swamp. I am the only Republican member of Congress from Illinois who is fighting every aspect of the Biden agenda.”

Paul J. Lange (D)

“I believe the People of the 15th IL Congressional District should determine their future not a small group of rioters as witnessed on January 6th 2021. The economy should be an opportunity for all the People not a select few.”

16th District

Darin LaHood (R) - Incumbent

Did not participate

Did not participate in the WTTW Voter Guide.

Walt Peters (R)

“I will work to stop the DOJ-FBI interference in parents’ rights to determine what is taught in their children’s schools; to reign in government spending and its ensuing taxation when funded and inflation when unfunded.”

Michael Rebresh (R)

“I am running to be successor to Adam Kinzinger, who for years has attacked his fellow Republicans and President Trump and believes that everything is Trump's fault. The constituents of the 16th district deserve better than that.” 

17th District

Angie Normoyle (D)

“In Congress, I’ll work to make lives better by supporting Universal Pre-K and increased support for high-quality childcare, affordable education programs that prepare our kids for jobs that are in demand now and in the future.”

Eric Sorensen (D)

“I want to continue to be the trusted voice in our community. I want people to know their member of Congress. I want it to be someone that will continue to care about them.”

Litesa Wallace (D)

“I will continue to work to make sure that we move past the conversation of minimum wage and start to talk about a living wage. And I will work to create policies for working families and communities so they not only survive, but they thrive.”

Marsha Williams (D)

“I am the only candidate in this race that supports Medicare-for-All because it is time for this nation to codify into law that health care is a right for all of us not a privilege for those who can afford it.”

Jacqueline McGowan (D)

“After years of working in a male-dominated financial industry that is based on executing deals, I am more than ready to occupy a seat at the table in Congress as your representative.”

Jonathan Klarer Logemann (D)

“Every time I go to the gas pump, every time we take our kids to school, and every time we see another healthcare bill, we feel the same challenges that so many other families feel.”

Charles "Charlie" William Helmick Jr. (R)

Did not participate

Did not participate in the WTTW Voter Guide.

Esther Joy King (R)

Did not participate

Did not participate in the WTTW Voter Guide.