RACE: U.S. House - District 1

About the Candidate

Name: Philanise White
DOB: Feb. 25, 1971
Occupation: Retired health care worker, current educator
Political Experience: 2020 Republican Nominee for IL 01, President of Great Lakes Illinois Republican Women, 7th Ward Republican Committeewoman 2016-2020, Co-Director of Black Engagement and Outreach, Trump/Pence 2016, Ben Carson For President 2016 Illinois Team member, RNC Convention Volunteer 2016.
Website: PhilaniseForCongress.com
Twitter: @Philaniseforco1

Candidate Statement

Hello, I’m Philanise White. I was the 2020 Republican nominee that made a bold move against all odds and won over the voters of Will County by securing 62% of the votes cast! And, that was achieved with the support of all voters, not just registered republicans! In the southern municipality of Cook County, I was able to secure 42% of the overall votes cast! 

I’m running for congress to give the voters of Illinois' 1st Congressional District A New Choice A Better Way! 

As your representative in Congress, I will ensure your interests are first and foremost! That includes everyone in the district, from urban to rural, large city and small town constituents! Your voice will be my priority! From Cook to Grundy Counties, you have my word that I will represent you and your conservative values on Capitol Hill! Send me to Washington so we can get the job done! 

I support: America First Agenda. Our Constitutional right to Bear Arms via the 2nd Amendment. Veterans Rights above Illegal Immigrants. Pro-Life. And,  Mandatory Term Limits. 

I'm Philanise White, giving you A New Choice A Better Way!

Candidate Q&A

Why are you running?

I am running to give the constituents of the 1st Congressional District a New Choice, a Better Way. By taking a BOLD move in 2020, I was able to win Will County with 62% or the vote, a victory over the Democrat incumbent. And in southern Cook County I was able to secure 42% of the overall vote. Those are major indicators that the voters in the district are looking for a change in the leadership and are willing to vote across party lines in order to put someone in that agrees with their conservative values, as well as limiting government interference in their daily lives. I am that person that can bring the change needed to truly represent their interest in congress.

What does this office do well, and what needs fixing?

The office of Congress for the 1st congressional district, sadly, hasn't done anything to improve the lives of the constituents over the past 30 years. In fact, things have steadily declined across a litany of areas: loss of jobs, blighted neighborhoods, crumbling roads and infrastructure, increase in crime, high unemployment rates and low educational standards! What needs to be fixed is the one party system that has created the problems and the current condition the district is in. Replacing leadership within the same one party system, will not fix the problems or issues, it will only mask them more. We need REAL change; and that means representation from someone outside of the Democrat party.

What is the most pressing issue facing your constituents and how do you plan on addressing it?

The most pressing issues facing the constituents of the 1st congressional district is too much government interference. In the urban parts of the district, constituents enumerate a list of ills including crime, high taxes, failed leadership on all levels, bad roadways, poor performing schools and a disconnect between them and the people they elected to represent them. In the rural areas south, the constituents feel disrespected as the current elected officials representing them are more interested in taking away their farmland, open spaces and sacred land to build more intermodals, large warehouses and other structures that they have moved away from, for a life of peace, while enjoying open spaces with wildlife and a slower pace. How I intend to address these issues will be continuing to build on the support I received in 2020, and that is meeting the people where they are, getting out and listening to them to find out what they are passionate about, and being available to meet with them to stay connected, instead of finding ways to avoid them.

What specific steps would you take to ensure your office is accessible and responsive to your constituents?

The 1st congressional district spans across four counties. I intend to have satellite offices within each of those counties where I and staff that represent those counties can have specific scheduled meeting where the constituents can update me on what is happening in their local areas. I also intend to make available various means of communications through social media, newsletters via mail and not just on the Internet and to attend as many meetings and events invited to personally as my schedule outside of Washington DC will allow me too. Serving my constituents is the most important priority as their representative in congress; I must take my cues from them in order to be able to be effective.