About the Candidate

Name: Terry Martin
Occupation: Journalist/TV Producer
Political Experience: First office sought. Thirty years of covering politics in Washington and in Illinois.
Website: TerryMartinForCongress.com
Twitter: @TerryMartin2022
Facebook: Terry Martin (R) for US Congress in the 13th District

Candidate Statement

Hi, Terry Martin - Candidate for the Republican nomination for Congress in the 13th District. Thanks for joining me. 

My campaign focuses on common-sense solutions and helping middle-class Americans.

Let’s close the border.

Let's allow our oil and natural gas producers to produce more oil and natural gas – which will increase supplies, and bring the price of gasoline, diesel, and natural gas down to where it isn’t crushing the middle class.

Let’s educate our children on reading, English, and math so they’re performing at grade level and prepared for their futures… And so they know the fundamental qualities of American government are founded on the supremacy of the individual and individual rights – not the supremacy of government to control every phase of our lives, not the rule of liberal interest groups seeking to replace lessons of the Constitution, with lies that America was founded on racism.

And let’s make sure we fund the police and get rid of the liberals' “No Cash Bail” policies which allow for the immediate release of violent criminals.

And finally, we need to control federal spending.  We’re running up a massive national debt. And that’s not because we’re not paying enough in taxes — in fact, taxes going to the federal government have never been higher.  But no matter how much we pay in taxes, the federal government always spends more. And that’s got to stop.

I think these are common sense ideas.  Ideas which will make America safer, more affordable, and provide for a better future for all of America.

And that’s why I’m running for Congress.  For More information go to my website: TerryMartinForCongress.com and follow me on Twitter @TerryMartin2022

Thank you!

Candidate Q&A

Why are you running?

I think the policies of the Biden Administration are dangerous to the future of the nation and are destroying the Middle-Class.  We need Common Sense in Congress. We need Energy Independence, we need to rebuild our manufacturing base so pharmaceuticals and computer chips are not used as weapons against us. We need to control federal spending and cut the massive duplication of regulation on business and critical infrastructure. We a strong defense. And we need to bolster law enforcement to counter the massive rise in violent crime, and that means more police, prosecutors who prosecute and end No-Cash bail for violent criminals. 

What does this office do well, and what needs fixing?

Right now, Congress is not doing much of anything well. And among the fixes, are we need to get back to passing actual budgets -- not continuing resolutions.  The primary problems with Congress right now are the partisan policies of the majority Party. Congress now is mired in partisan politics and spends far too little time trying to address the actual issues which face the nation.

What is the most pressing issue facing your constituents and how do you plan on addressing it?

Inflation. I would push to take a  number of steps to increase our domestic oil production which would bring down the cost of gasoline and natural gas. Keeping America running means we need oil and coal and natural gas. That means we need not only oil drillers, we also need pipelines and refineries. THIS will help the nation to control spending and provide us with national security.

And in the 13th District, we have a refinery employing over 2,000 employees, plus thousands more who work at firms which provide needed services to the refinery.  Every single thing we buy is impacted by the price of oil.  We can move to other sources of energy -- BUT - that can not happen at this time, as there is no other viable energy source to power our steel mills, run our subways, or energize our manufacturing plants other than oil/natural gas, and nuclear.  Wind and solar are not viable sources of energy 24/7, which we need.

What specific steps would you take to ensure your office is accessible and responsive to your constituents?

We would employ all the modern means of communication; phones, internet, email, as well as offices in the District.  And I would hold meetings with constituents when I am in the District, as well as communicate through media organizations.