Full Term

Mariyana Spyropoulos (D) - Incumbent

“As an attorney with an MBA, I bring my legal and financial background to my work at the MWRD. I’ve been your voice for fiscal responsibility, transparency as well as flood prevention, and sustainability.”

Yumeka Brown (D)

“If elected, I will highlight and prioritize the public health and safety of Cook County residents, I will work diligently to eradicate environmental injustices, and I will fight each and every day for clean water, clean air, and healthy and equitable communities throughout the entire county.”

Patricia Theresa Flynn (D)

“Now is the time to act; we are all aware that the 50-year flood and the 100-year flood are events happening at much shorter intervals. My Village Board and I have acted on flood mitigation locally successfully removing 150 homes from a flood plain.”

Frank Avila (D)

“In order to protect our Lakes and waterways, I will ensure Cost-Effective Wastewater treatment and promote Green and Gray infrastructure projects to protect homes and businesses from flooding.”

Rick Garcia (D)

Did not participate

Did not participate in the WTTW Chicago Voter Guide.

Cristina P. Nonato (D)

Did not participate

Did not participate in the WTTW Chicago Voter Guide.

Precious Brady-Davis (D)

“When Donald Trump became president in 2016 I took action and went to work at the Sierra Club as I refused to sit on the sidelines as the grifter-in-chief cleared the way for his fossil fuels cronies to stomp on environmental protections, and pollute our waterways and public lands”

Sharon Waller (D)

“If elected, I’ll be the only engineer on the board. As a licensed Environmental Engineer with 30 years of experience in water, I am pro-business and pro-environment. I’m running to promote water policy.”  

Mark Buettner (G)

“With about 14 years of experience that I have in the business as a treatment plant operator and grease police, industrial waste, I should be able to make sure that your money is well spent.”

R. Cary Capparelli (R)

“The MWRD Board is multiplied by mostly unqualified ‘machine’ Democrats for the last fifty (50) years without a check and balance system. Now, there is an immediate need for competent representation to limit ‘machine politics’ to create a better and more effective agency.”

Unexpired Term

Daniel “Pogo” Pogorzelski (D)

“The perils of climate change and the overwhelming amount of microplastics that are being dumped into our waterways necessitate that the MWRD lead on this critical issue.”

Elizabeth Joyce (D)

Did not participate

Did not participate in the WTTW Chicago Voter Guide.

Chakena D. Perry (D) - Incumbent

“I am running to retain my 2-year seat because there’s a ton of work to do to prepare our communities to combat the ongoing threat of climate change, particularly within Black communities that are disproportionately impacted by flooding and other environmental harms.”

Toneal M. Jackson (G)

“Through my Educated and Empowered campaign, I am committed to educating Cook County residents about the MWRD, who we are, what we do, and most importantly why residents should care; and then empowering them to get involved to take continual actions towards a cleaner, greener lifestyle.”