Alexi Giannoulias (D)

“My Skip the Line program will allow you to schedule in-office appointments and head to the front of the line when you walk into a driver’s license facility.  In addition, I’ll push for digital driver’s licenses so you can access your ID on your phone with the touch of a button.”

David H. Moore (D)

“I’m the only candidate advocating for Illinois to adopt digital license plates to replace the current metal ones that haven’t changed in more than a century. Law enforcement needs every tool available to deter carjackings, which is a crime of opportunity.”

Anna M. Valencia (D)

“I’ve put out a detailed plan to further modernize the Secretary of State’s office. I plan to create a DMV online payment portal to streamline services and launch the Illinois DMV app that allows residents to upload their driver’s license and access services through their smartphone.”

Sidney Moore (D)

“By optimizing online services, we can reduce long lines and create better services at the DMV. Today almost everyone is using online services from banking online, to shopping online, and during the pandemic, our children were educated online.”

Dan Brady (R)

“One of my top priorities will be reducing wait times at the DMV, there is no reason why you should have to wait in line for hours just to renew your license or get a new sticker. We need to modernize the office to make it more efficient and effective.”

John C. Milhiser (R)

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