About the Candidate

Name: Marcus Lewis
DOB: Dec. 12, 1958
Occupation: Ordained Apostolic Pentecostal Minister
Political Experience:
 I have been involved with the Harold Washington mayoral campaigns and a senior adviser on the William ‘Doc’ Walls mayoral campaign.
Website: www.marcuslewisforcongress.org

Candidate Statement

I am Marcus Lewis.

This is my 7th run for Congress. I am ready.

I am an ordained Apostolic Pentecostal minister since July 9th, 1999. I believe in almighty god and the lord Jesus christ. 

“When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice:...”

With Marcus Lewis as your congressman, the people will rejoice.

As your dedicated servant of the 1st district, you will experience a great and very improved difference in service. 

Ladies and gentlemen: “Righteousness exalts a nation:..”

My goal is to “elevate“ the residents of this district, simply by doing right by you. 

But, business as usual will not be accepted by the people of this district.
This is not a time for political and celebrity gatekeepers to be in this seat. 

My top issues are:

Please, put the guns away.

No gentrification of communities of this district,

Homes for the homeless must be made possible.

Reparation payments must be made now. We have studied & studied this issue and waited far too long.

Racial justice, especially for those such as 1st district constituent Martin Lewis, who was robbed of his medical education & career by Rush Medical College in 1983 because he uncovered a cheating scheme for white students but was left behind to rot by the outgoing Congressman Bobby Rush giving him no help at all.

Protection for our children from pedophiles and help for the mental & physical abuse that is associated with this horrific crime.

“Fairness & decency” will be “the standard” when I am the congressman of this great district.

Are you ready for this positive change?

I ask, for your precious vote to make this possible, for all of us. Putting “us” 1st.

Candidate Q&A

Why are you running?

To see to the myriad of needs of the residents that are not ever addressed by the current 30 year Congressman who acts as a ‘gatekeeper’. These issues include 1st Congressional District Constituents that were Black medical students at Rush Medical College that were racially discriminated against because they uncovered a cheating scheme for White Students that were given extraordinary unlimited makeup exams to expunge they’re failures far above what the makeup policy allowed. The Black Students were held to the strict makeup policy of only 2 makeups per quarter BUT had had not in actuality failed any courses. They’re grades were changed by the school from pass to fail to purposely cause their continuation at the school in peril and were forced to repeat ALL of the courses a ‘second’ time in the next year and were STILL dismissed from the school thereby banishing them from ever becoming doctors and surgeons anywhere in the United States. The White Students continues they’re education without any interruption, graduated on time and are now and have been for the past 37 years practicing their medical craft totally unqualified. The Congressman was thoroughly informed 30 years ago and every year since then and refused to help or intervene on these student’s behalf ‘gatekeeping’ giving no access or lending the power of the 1st Congressional District Office and his personal participation to undo this vulgar act of stripping students of their medical careers. This is why I am running for this Open Seat in Congress to not only help these students (who will never fulfill their dreams to be doctors and surgeons) BUT to ensure this NEVER will happen again to constituents who petitioned continually and their cries for help were PURPOSELY IGNORED by someone who wants only the  cursory illusion of being a civil rights fighter is sickening to have witnessed personally myself when it comes to their plight & situation.  I WILL NEVER LEAVE ANY CONSTITUENT BEHIND LIKE THIS THAT DILIGENTLY SEEKS AFTER ‘SIMPLE JUSTICE’.

What does this office do well, and what needs fixing?


What is the most pressing issue facing your constituents and how do you plan on addressing it?

The constituency does not even know all this office can do to support the constituents U.S. Constitutional Rights. There are a plethora of services the Congressional District Representative commands that the way these offices have not even begun to scratch the surface to serve the constituency to uplift them to improve their lives. I will jump in and on the moment I am declared the winner and “GATEKEEPING” as we have known this Congressional District Office to have been run will no longer be the way things will be ever done as long as I am the Congressman of the 1st Congressional District Of Illinois. “BUSINESS AS USUAL WILL NO LONGER BE DONE”. I assure you.

What specific steps would you take to ensure your office is accessible and responsive to your constituents?

I have a staff that is trained and sees my vision on the manner to serve the residents of the district, that is ready to implement sensible policies that give the resident the knowledge of the power this office has and we want to educate the residents that the U.S. Constitution is here to enforce their 1st Amendment Rights to peacefully Petition your government for redress of grievances and it is thereby my and my staff to guide them to the appropriate places  government has available to assist.  Government must work for the people to build them up so they can then proceed and be self sufficient. Knowledge is power. It’s the people right to know what works so they can then truly help themselves.