About the Candidate

Name: Eric Carlson
DOB: June 21, 1968
Occupation: Nonprofit Program Director
Political Experience: None
Website: riccarlsonforcongress.com/
Twitter: @EricCarlsonIL01
Facebook: Eric Carlson for Congress

Candidate Statement

Our country has been divided by those in power. Career Politicians, Biased Media, and Big Tech Companies who profit in money and power from this division. 

My Name is Eric Carlson, and I am running for Congress in the 1st District. 

I am NOT a politician; I am a former U.S. Army Ranger who knows what true “Leadership” is. 

I am an American who believes that we are One Nation, and that if allowed to live together, we will solve every challenge that we face together. 

Americans have done this since the founding of this great nation, and we can do it again! 

Conservative policies regarding economics, school choice, border security, and foreign policy are the way forward. But first, we must rid ourselves of the negativity of career politicians who have caused much of our current problems. I will do this by legislating for Congressional reform. Term Limits, Congressional pay tied to the American median income, and investigations and prosecutions of corrupt actors at all levels of government. 

Our government agencies are rife with corruption and partisan hacks who are destroying the faith of the American people in their institutions. 

Big‐Tech companies have illegally influenced elections, and these monopolies must be broken up and regulated.

Our media has become a biased sounding board and should not be listened to until they prove that they can once again adhere to true journalistic standards. 

If elected, I will represent every single citizen of the 1st District. I will address the everyday issues that face us, inflation, high crime, punishing food and fuel prices as well as the foreign threats we face in what has become a very dangerous world. 

I can do the job the way it was intended to be done, for love of country, and to truly serve. 

I am not asking for your money–just your vote.  Please visit my website at EricCarlsonForCongress.com to learn more.

Candidate Q&A

Why are you running?

I am running to help save America from the divisiveness propagated by a corrupt media, big-tech, and career politicians. We start with term limits, we cannot fix all of the issues that face us until we rid ourselves of the incapable political hacks that have caused all of our problems.

This country is very close to collapse, and the people in control have no clue how to fix the problems. I will not allow this country to fail, and I will not allow it to be destroyed by those who bear no true allegiance to it.

What does this office do well, and what needs fixing?

The 1st District has been the fiefdom of Bobby Rush for 30 years, and those outside of the Chicago city limits were ignored by him as their votes were not needed. The district has traditionally been drawn to disenfranchise suburban and rural voters. The democrat party has used the black voters of the district to retain power and has only given them crumbs, there has been little to no improvement under their liberal policies. Through conservative ideals and concrete plans of action, I will solve the problems that have kept the black population of the district on the fringes of poverty for its entire history.

In the rural areas of the district there is an epidemic of opioid and fentanyl overdoses and methamphetamine use that is destroying our youth. Securing the southern border and destroying the drug cartels would go a long way in easing this problem.

The Chicago Teachers Union has held the children of Chicago hostage long enough, school choice through a voucher system is a must. We pay far too much for the results we get when it comes to education.

What is the most pressing issue facing your constituents and how do you plan on addressing it?

Because of the gerrymandering of the district taking it from inner city Chicago to the suburbs and then on to the farms of rural Will and Kankakee Counties, there are a wide range of issues. This mapping is not fair to the voters or the person that must represent them as the range of issues varies widely.

Presently inflation, fuel and food prices, crime, and the international threats from Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, and terrorist organizations are the major points of concern. The issue of the open border causes many threats to the nation from drugs to terrorism. School choice is needed to ensure a quality educational system, introduce competition and dismantle inefficient failing public schools.

1) Inflation - Stop printing and spending money we do not have.
2) Get the US back to energy independence by production here, now. This will solve your fuel AND food price problems.
3) Federal agencies, FBI and the US Marshalls must be brought in and use RICO laws to decimate street gangs. Gangs should be labeled as terrorist organizations and dealt with as such. Parents must be held criminally liable for any crime committed by a minor. Sound economic policies will greatly reduce crime and especially murders as we saw during the Trump presidency until covid-19 was released by the Chinese.
4) The weakness of the Biden administration has caused much of the chaos that we see on the international scene today. The US must stand for freedom and be a beacon to the world. We must stand by our allies and lead in the opposition of totalitarian regimes.
5) Enforce all immigration laws, and secure the border to stop drug and human trafficking.
6) School choice, every parent should be able to choose to send their child to a quality school, we will do this through a voucher system.

What specific steps would you take to ensure your office is accessible and responsive to your constituents?

Because of the size of the district, I would have two offices open here in the district for better access rather than the current one office. I would staff those offices with capable people, who know the district, the people, and their issues and could readily handle problems of constituents. My entire staff would have direct contact with me on all matters.

I also plan on holding a minimum of two in person town halls every month and more if scheduling allows. These town halls would be in locations across the district so that all constituents have regular access to their congressman. I believe in personally letting people know what issues are on the agenda and get their input.