RACE: U.S. House - District 6

About the Candidate

Name: Catherine A. O’Shea
DOB: April 20, 1965
Occupation: Managing Broker Owner of O'Shea Realty LLC
Political Experience: I was a non-paid elected Trustee for Worth Township.
Website: Osheaforcongress.com
Facebook: Oshea for Congress

Candidate Statement

Hello, I’m Catherine O’Shea your Republican Congressional Candidate for District 6. I am 57, divorced and a proud mother of three. I am also a breast cancer survivor and a small business owner in the real estate industry. My career spans 33 years specializing in negotiations with opposing views and reaching agreements throughout our district, a seamless fit for Congress.

Can we all agree there are undeniable, tremendous challenges facing our United States of America? I am stepping up because I stand for our Constitution and Bill of Rights. We need to support our law enforcement officers, bring back our energy independence, stop human and drug trafficking, strengthen our borders, keep our economy and places of worship open. We must protect our children from WOKE Indoctrination and Critical Race Theory which is division in disguise.

You may remember I ran in 2020 and although I did not win the primary, I haven’t stopped fighting for you. I have attended school boards, city meetings and proud to be on the historical lawsuit ending unlawful mandates in schools with Judge Grischow’s ruling February 8, 2022 where Due Process remains protected.

I’m a former democrat prior to the general election in 2016. To all the voters on the fence, I know where you’re coming from. The Democrat party is like an abusive relationship that doesn’t deserve your loyalty. I welcome you over. Be careful of false expectations from the so-called “Republican Elites.” After all, they handed you Democrats Newman and Casten.

For a New Day Vote O’Shea on June 28th. Our Future Depends On It.

Candidate Q&A

Why are you running?

I ran in 2020 for the same reason today. I love America and the stakes are high. There is no greater country in this world and we need to save it. Our Constitution is being dismantled. I have not stopped fighting. I am on the historic lawsuit Judge Grischow ruled Due Process back in play for our children across the state.

What does this office do well, and what needs fixing?

We have a great branch of government which is the legislative branch. We need people who can negotiate professionally, reaching agreements with opposition is crucial. I have a career doing just that.  The people within the branch are the problem by those ignoring our constitution when making laws.  I am for term limits and accountability.

What is the most pressing issue facing your constituents and how do you plan on addressing it?

There is a large list however,  Safety is front and center. Without law and order, you can not have a civil society.  Our southern border needs to be secured. Drugs and child trafficking is moving across our country.

Inflation is hurting businesses as well as to the consumer in many ways. Hard choices are being made. It was needs vs wants. Now it is need vs. Which do I need more than the other.  Non stop spending by our government falls on the people. It needs to stop.

The economy is another. We need to get back to using our own resources on American Soil. Energy independence and manufacturing.

What specific steps would you take to ensure your office is accessible and responsive to your constituents?

Town Hall meetings are imperative. Face to face  and  virtual meetings for those that can't attend in person.  It is crucial to keep constituents informed as they can make local decisions with helpful information from the Capitol. A district office will be set up and staffed as well with walk ins welcomed and encouraged.