Tammy Duckworth (D) - Incumbent

“I’m so proud of all the progress that Democrats have made to help us boost our economy and rebuild our nation with its better roads, cleaner drinking water, and more — but it’s clear we have so much left to do.”

Casey Chlebek (R)

“Now we are faced with the inflation scourge which destroys our purchasing power caused by unstoppable money printing presses. This Modern Monetary Theory is preparing us for an economic disaster.”

Peggy Hubbard (R)

“People of Illinois aren’t being properly represented. Chicago is a war zone, citizens being murdered. Police aren’t allowed to do their job. Communities are unsafe. Farmers are suffering from being over regulated.” 

Robert “Bobby” Piton (R)

“As a candidate for U.S. Senate that is focused on Americans‐first, and abiding by the U.S. Constitution, I have a proven track record of success.”

Jimmy Lee Tillman II (R)

“I am the only candidate that’s running on the America First policy. I am the most conservative candidate on the ticket.” 

Anthony W. Williams (R)

“Let me share with you why I am running for this noble position. Number one, to address the violence as an American Public Health Crisis. The CDC has declared violence as a public health crisis.  We must address it at the state level and at the federal level.”

Kathy Salvi (R)

Did not participate in the WTTW Chicago Voter Guide.

Matthew “Matt” Dubiel (R)

“America is at war, from within. Our Government, our corporations, the media, educational institutions, and our personal bodies have been infiltrated. We have the wrong people representing us.”