The Week in Review: Year in Review 2017

From City Hall to the halls of Congress, 2017 has been a transformative year. The inauguration of President Trump launched a year where, for better or worse, business as usual came to an end. Many mayors across the country, including Chicago's mayor, drew battle lines with the new administration over policy.

Meanwhile in Springfield a two yearlong budget stalemate came to an end while sexual harassment awareness brought about some rapid change. In Chicago, violence continued a slow decline while turbulence in the school system ended the run of Mayor Emanuel's third Schools CEO.

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ICYMI: Joel Weisman announces his retirement as host of “The Week in Review” after 40 years.


Paris Schutz, Chicago Tonight  |  @paschutz
Brandis Friedman, Chicago Tonight  |  @BrandisFriedman
Amanda Vinicky, Chicago Tonight  |  @AmandaVinicky

Below, see Chicago Tonight staff picks for top 2017 stories of the year.

Eddie Arruza's Memorable Stories

Survival Stories, Photos Commemorate Dark Chapter in US History

Thousands Catch Eclipse Fever at Adler Planetarium
Kenny Loggins on Being a ‘Moving Target’ Throughout His Career

Paris Schutz's Top Stories

Refugees, Visa and Green Card Holders Detained, Turned Away at O'Hare
Local Officials Condemn, Question Trump Travel Ban
Cook County Soda Tax Repealed

Brandis Friedman's Top Stories

Forrest Claypool Resigns as Chicago Public Schools CEO
‘Historic’ Education Funding Bill Heads to Gov. Rauner
Declining CPS Enrollment Could Lead to More School Closings

Amanda Vinicky's Top Stories

House Overrides Rauner’s Vetoes to Pass a Budget
State Lawmakers Scramble to Tackle Charges of Sexual Harassment
Potential Candidates Scramble After Lisa Madigan Announces Retirement

Chicago Tonight Web Reporters' Top Stories

Chicago Leads Nation in Decreasing Racial Disparity in Breast Cancer 
After Petcoke Community Confronts More Dangerous Pollutant: Manganese
Suburban Express Bus Line Facing Blowback from Offensive, Bigoted Ad

Below, Chicago Tonight recaps the top cultural stories and exhibits of the year.

Jay’s Chicago Top Stories

It’s been a busy year in “Jay’s Chicago,” too.  Jay Shefsky has taken us onto a Calumet River tugboat and to a hidden bald eagle nest.  He’s introduced us to one of America’s first African American flight attendants and to a very “colorful” 84-year-old.  And he made a valiant attempt at a distinctly Chicago invention:  JB Rollerskating.  

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