The Week in Review: President Trump Slams Chicago Yet Again

President Donald Trump takes aim at Chicago violence once again while Oprah toys with a presidential run in 2020. 

The Illinois Senate's budget “grand bargain” hits a Gov. Bruce Rauner roadblock.

CPS may be cutting classes at the end of the school year to save money.

State’s Attorney Kim Foxx says some some nonviolent offenders at the county lockup can be released without posting bond.

And Northwestern’s buzzer beater could lead to a trip to the Big Dance.  

Those stories and more with Eddie Arruza and guests:

Dan Mihalopoulos, Chicago Sun-Times | @DMihalopoulos
Laura Washington, ABC 7 News and the Chicago Sun-Times | @MediaDervish
Brandis Friedman, Chicago Tonight | @BrandisFriedman
Mike Mulligan, WSCR the Score Sports Radio | @MullyHanley

The conversation continues

In this week’s exclusive web-extra video, Arruza and guests take a deeper look at White Sox Cuban star Jose Abreu’s amazing story of eating a fake passport on his circuitous escape and journey to America.

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