Trump is ruled ineligible in Illinois but will stay on the ballot. And all signs point to the Bears drafting a superstar prospect with the first overall pick.

Do auto insurance rates discriminate? Advice for navigating the spread of misinformation. And a local author is taking her book to the big screen.

A new documentary explores racial disparities in childbirth. How evictions disproportionately impact Black women. And fresh off his third Grammy win, we talk with Chicago poet J. Ivy.

The embattled CTA president hits back at critics. Pritzker voices his reservations about state funding for new stadiums. And Chicago taxpayers spent at least $74 million on police misconduct last year.

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A ballot measure aimed at addressing homelessness is thrown into question. Possible budget cuts for a federal food assistance program. And debating school resource officers. 

Chicago’s Board of Education votes to remove police officers from schools. And the White Sox head to Springfield in the hopes of scoring a stadium subsidy.

Chicago officials are closing four migrant shelters. State lawmakers weigh in on Pritzker’s budget proposal. And a local group’s effort to diversify figure skating.

Highlights of the governor’s new budget plan. A crackdown on new dollar stores in Chicago. And rapper Vic Mensa on his effort to help asylum seekers.

Two alderpeople weigh in on canceling the ShotSpotter contract. A preview of Pritzker’s budget address and what it means for Chicago. And sitting down with civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump.

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FIRSTHAND: Homeless — a WTTW News special. Voters weigh a plan to hike taxes on sales of million-dollar homes to help fight homelessness. And efforts to help people who shelter on the CTA. 

Confusion over the end of the city’s ShotSpotter contract. State and county leaders agree to spend millions more in migrant care — but did Johnson renege on his commitment?

City Council votes on a push to upend the police discipline system. Early voting locations open downtown. And we take you inside a lounge serving up Asian and Latino flavors.

Concerns over the state’s care of kids awaiting placement with DCFS. How this 120-year-old silent film still says so much. And a sneak peek inside a newly renovated Ramova Theatre.

As questions about age resurface in the presidential race, what you should know about brain health. Johnson moves to end the city’s controversial ShotSpotter contract. And a Chicago-area baker shows us how she makes hundreds of paczki at home.

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A WTTW News analysis finds the city has spent just 29% of the COVID-19 relief money meant to transform Chicago. The push to eliminate subminimum wage expands to Illinois. And why you can’t buy cars on Sundays. 

The Supreme Court seems likely to keep Trump on Colorado’s ballot, but a local judge lets an Illinois challenge move forward. And the White Sox reveal renderings of a shiny new stadium — with no details on who pays.