Longtime U.S. Congressman Dan Rostenkowski famously called Chicago politics “blood sport.” We raise a glass to one of Chicago's own (who also happened to have one of the all-time great heads of political hair) with a Polish twist on a classic cocktail.

Eddie Johnson appears before City Council on Tuesday.

A City Council committee on Tuesday gave a thumbs-up to an ordinance that will temporarily suspend the legally required process for selecting a police superintendent, and make the mayor's pick permanent.


Aldermen on Tuesday are widely expected to approve a one-time change to city law to name Eddie Johnson the permanent Chicago Police Department superintendent. The move comes on the heels of a committee vote Monday to approve another $6.5 million in payouts to victims of police misconduct.

Illinois Supreme Court (Alanscottwalker)

Last week, the Illinois Supreme Court dealt Mayor Rahm Emanuel a huge blow, overturning reforms to two pension funds for city workers. The city argued reforms guaranteed previously unsecured retiree benefits, but the state’s high court wasn’t having it.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel joins “Chicago Tonight” for a one-on-one interview with Paris Schutz on Tuesday. What are your questions for the mayor? Share them with us.

Illinois Supreme Court (Alanscottwalker)

The Illinois Supreme Court dealt Mayor Rahm Emanuel a major setback Thursday in his efforts of saving two of the city’s four public employee pension funds, which city officials say could go broke within the next 15 years.

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In a surprising setback, City Council aldermen came out against the mayor’s proposed ordinance for a $6 million tax on tobacco products. Why did City Council go against him?

Tucked into a new ordinance that would tax smokeless and other non-cigarette tobacco products is a provision that would set a minimum price on cigarettes, cigars and chew tobacco.


As Gov. Bruce Rauner and Mayor Rahm Emanuel face crises at the state and city level, crisis management specialists tell us about the importance of leadership and image.

From left: Anita Alvarez, Kimberly Foxx, Donna More.

State's Attorney Anita Alvarez faces critics and opponents in a contentious forum to answer the question of whether a special prosecutor should handle police shootings. Paris Schutz brings us the latest.

Kimberly Foxx

The race to be Cook County's top prosecutor is getting even more interesting. Today, Cook County Democrats changed their minds about endorsing a candidate for state's attorney – in August, the party chose not to endorse anybody – and officially backed a challenger to incumbent Anita Alvarez.

Actions Wednesday by powerful aldermen Ed Burke and Carrie Austin signal City Council might not yet be ready for reform. Paris Schutz has the latest on that and how aldermen have watered-down the mayor’s borrowing plan – for now.

The governor marks his first full year in office, but a whole host of problems loom on the horizon for the state. We talk with “Chicago Tonight” Springfield reporter Amanda Vinicky, who spoke with Rauner earlier today.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel, left, Gov. Bruce Rauner

Mayor Rahm Emanuel had some harsh words for Gov. Bruce Rauner today over a plan to have the state relieve $500 million in pension costs for CPS, one day after Rauner said he was "very disappointed," in the mayor. Paris Schutz brings us the latest.

Bruce Rauner

The governor unveils a plan he says will save taxpayers billions every year. But, as with everything else, can he get it through the General Assembly? Paris Schutz brings us more on that and whether or not the governor supports the recall of Mayor Rahm Emanuel.


Mayor Names Task Force on Police Accountability

One day after the surprise firing of Chicago police superintendent Garry McCarthy, names of a possible successor are starting to emerge. How will the process work?