What Questions Do You Have for Mayor Emanuel?

Mayor Rahm Emanuel joins “Chicago Tonight” for a one-on-one interview with Paris Schutz on Tuesday. Here are just a few of the topics we’ll cover with the mayor.

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In a surprise move, Mayor Rahm Emanuel eschews the three police superintendent finalists selected by his own Chicago Police Board. Instead, the mayor taps Eddie Johnson, a 27-year veteran of the Chicago Police Department, who didn’t even apply for the job. But the mayor can’t officially name him top cop because the recommendation must come from the police board. 

The mayor will reportedly replace acting interim superintendent John Escalante with Johnson and ask the police board to restart the search process with Johnson’s name in the mix. 

Members of the City Council Latino Caucus have expressed concerns about the lack of police brass representation and the Black Caucus wants to have to input on the superintendent selection process. Meanwhile, legal fees are escalating for the U.S. Department of Justice probe of the Chicago Police Department in the aftermath of the Laquan McDonald shooting as well as the shootings of Quintonio LeGrier and Bettie Jones, among others.

The Chicago Teacher’s Union's House of Delegates authorizes a one-day strike for April 1. Chicago Public Schools CEO Forrest Claypool calls the strike illegal because the two sides are still in contract negotiations. But CPS cut staff in February after the CTU rejected a contract proposal and the subsequent forced furlough days have created a tense atmosphere which may result in more than a one-day strike in May. CPS is trying to deal with an estimated at $800 million debt for this year and next.

The Illinois Supreme Court has struck down the mayor’s pension cost-cutting plan, calling it unconstitutional. What are the mayor’s next pension moves and how much more will it cost taxpayers in the long run? The city just borrowed $220 million for a police and fire pension payment that’s due at the end of the year. That’s on top of the record-breaking $588 million property tax hike in Emanuel’s 2016 budget.

Do you have questions for the mayor? Share them with us in the comments section below – we may use them on the air. You can also join the conversation on Facebook.

Emanuel most recently sat down with "Chicago Tonight" political correspondent Paris Schutz on Jan. 28 to discuss the gridlock in Springfield, the financial crisis at Chicago Public Schools and police accountability. Watch the interview below.

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