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Chicago Gay and Lesbian Hall of Fame

Inductee Tony Jackson

Tony Jackson (1876-1921)

Chicago's Gay and Lesbian Hall of Fame celebrates its 20th anniversary tonight. We learn about one of the inductees, groundbreaking ragtime musician, Tony Jackson.


Scientific Chicago with Neil Shubin

Asteroids, Peanut Allergies, Fossils & Dark Energy

Neil Shubin

Hollywood loves it when giant rocks fall from space, but scientists assure us that the asteroid passing close to Earth tonight will NOT hit us. We have a close encounter with our science guy, Neil Shubin, who also has a little show-and-tell with a huge fossil.


Data Centers

A Behind-the-Scenes Look

Data Centers

A data center is where all the information you find on the Internet is stored. We take a look inside one of the data centers in Chicago, and find out why the city has become a national hotbed of cyber-storage.


Preview of Fall Veto Session

Lawmakers are set to tackle tax breaks and pension reform this week. Chicago Sun-Times Springfield Bureau Chief Dave McKinney joins us for a preview of the fall veto session.


Chicago Business News: 11/07

Kris Kridel

A volatile day on Wall Street as debt fears spread to Italy, and a new super bank for the super rich. Kris Kridel of WBBM Newsradio 780 joins us to discuss those stories and more top business headlines.


Weekend Events Around Town: 11/4 – 11/6

Louis Michel Eilshemius, Snake Dancer, Ricco Maresca Gallery

Need some ideas for what to do this weekend? Chicago Tonight knows what is going on!

The Mormon Religion & Politics

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney responds to an accusation that his Mormon faith is a “cult." We talk about Mormonism -- and what it means when faith and politics intersect.


Douglas Druick

President of The Art Institute of Chicago

Douglas Druick, President of The Art Institute of Chicago

He was a curator for more than 25 years, and now Douglas Druick is the new President of The Art Institute of Chicago. He's here to tell us what he has in store for one of the city's highest profile cultural institutions.


SOFA Chicago Art Show

Polar Bear by Eun Min Chun

Dual art fairs team up to bring functional art objects and outsider art to Chicago. We talk with the directors of both shows to find out how they work in harmony.


Political Roundtable

Illinois State Capitol Building

Gov. Pat Quinn's "smart grid" veto is overridden. Carol Marin and her panel of lawmakers react to the legislation, and take a look at whether the governor has any political clout left.


Chicago Business News: 10/31

Image credit: Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority

McCormick Place sees an immediate return after striking a major new union deal. Kris Kridel of WBBM Newsradio 780 joins us to discuss this, and more top business news.


Weekend Events Around Town: 10/28 – 10/30

Vincent Price

Need some ideas for what to do this weekend? Chicago Tonight knows what is going on!

Marijuana Possession

Decriminalizing marijuana? There's a new push to issue tickets instead of jail time. We take up the debate.


Latest on Springfield Veto Session

John Cullerton

Electricity is the talk in Springfield as the charged battle over the so-called "Smart Grid" bill comes to a head. Carol Marin joins us live from the state capitol, with Senate President John Cullerton, to discuss today's dramatic developments at the veto session.


Analysis of President Obama's Mortgage Plan

President Obama launches a revamped mortgage relief program; changing a program that many labeled a failure. Eddie Arruza and his panel look at so-called "underwater" homeowners in the Chicago area, and how the new program might help.


Soprano Nicole Cabell

Nicole Cabell. Photo © Devon Cass

Since studying her craft at Chicago's Lyric Opera, she's become one of the most sought-after sopranos in the world. We get a live performance from opera superstar, Nicole Cabell.


Chicago Food Deserts

Local vegetables, courtesy of Growing Home.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel and First Lady Michelle Obama met on Chicago’s South Side for a day-long food desert tour, announcing plans to build 36 grocery stores in the city’s under-served communities.

Chicago Business News: 10/24

Kris Kridel

Groupon hits the road to pitch its IPO to investors, while McCormick Place strikes a new, major union deal. Kris Kridel of WBBM Newsradio 780 joins us to discuss these stories and more top business headlines.


Weekend Events Around Town: 10/21 – 10/23

Need some ideas for what to do this weekend? Chicago Tonight knows what is going on!

Chicago Shakespeare Theater's Barbara Gaines

25th Anniversary Season Opens with "Follies"

Barbara Gaines, Chicago Shakespeare Theater's Artistic Director

Broadway meets the Bard when a Stephen Sondheim show hits the stage at Chicago Shakespeare Theater. Find out why the theater’s 25th anniversary season opens with a big, splashy musical.


ComEd's Smart Grid Bill

Image credit: greentech media

ComEd is pushing hard for legislation to raise rates in exchange for a massive infrastructure upgrade. Is an override of Gov. Pat Quinn's veto coming? Carol Marin looks at the "smart grid" controversy.


Chicago Artists Month

Elizabeth and the Transmission Cooler

We meet two hardworking Chicago artists as they prepare for their moment in the spotlight as part of Chicago Artists Month. We get a preview of free open houses and studio walks.


Cellini Trial Update

William Cellini

Decades of drug abuse have clouded his memory. That's what Stuart Levine admitted on the stand today during a second day of cross-examination at William Cellini’s corruption trial. Elizabeth Brackett brings us the details.


Jim Lehrer: ‘Tension City’

Jim Lehrer

He’s had a front row seat for 11 presidential and vice-presidential debates, and now the longtime host of the “PBS NewsHour” tells us about his new book, “Tension City.”


Weekend Events Around Town: 10/14 – 10/16

Need some ideas for what to do this weekend? Chicago Tonight knows what is going on!


If you think you know the Catholic church, think again. A groundbreaking PBS series called Catholicism begins tonight, here on Channel 11. We have a preview.