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Neil Shubin

Scientific Chicago with Neil Shubin

Penguins, ADHD, Tevatron & Leonardo da Vinci

Sniffing out relatives? It may not be the human way, but it works for one finely dressed bird. We explore penguin behavior and more in tonight's Scientific Chicago.


Occupy Chicago

Their numbers are growing. The self-named "Occupy" protestors are upset about the economy and unemployment. But who are they? Elizabeth Brackett talks to some of the organizers about this wave of anti-corporate protests.

Brian Gladstein

Brian Gladstein

Executive Director of Illinois Campaign for Political Reform

As Illinois watches still another corruption trial, a watchdog group that encourages accountability in government has a new leader. We talk with the head of the Illinois Campaign for Political Reform.

Sen. Mark Kirk (left) and Sen. Dick Durbin (right)

Sen. Mark Kirk & Sen. Dick Durbin

A national unrest is brewing amid discontent with the President, Congress and Wall Street. Illinois Senators Dick Durbin and Mark Kirk join Carol Marin for a lengthy discussion about how to turn the country around.


Weekend Events Around Town: 10/7 – 10/9

Need some ideas for what to do this weekend? Chicago Tonight knows what is going on!

Dennis Rodkin on Real Estate

Home prices are down in every Chicago neighborhood and suburb. We show you which areas have been hit the hardest in this down economy.