Stories by Depaul’S Center For Journalism Integrity And Excellence

Bubbly Creek: An Environmental Quagmire for Federal Agencies and Local Activists

More than a century after Upton Sinclair described a stretch of the Chicago River as “a great open sewer,” Bubbly Creek is still plagued by waste – and the restoration process has been mired in its own political muck.

Booting by Private Companies Remains Source of Tension Between Drivers, Businesses and Aldermen

Leave your car unattended in a private lot and you may pay the price

(Photo by Cody Corrall / CJIE)

If you park in a private lot and get booted it will cost you nearly three times what the city charges for a regular parking ticket. For more than 15 years it’s been a controversial – and sometimes maddening – fact of city life.

Sanctuary Restaurants Offer Support to Employees, But Little Protection

Chicago has dozens of “sanctuary restaurants,” but like “sanctuary city,” the term is not a legal designation. So what exactly does it mean?

DACA Repeal Puts Med Students in Murky Waters

Since coming to the U.S. a decade ago, Alejandra Duran-Arreola is on the cusp of becoming a doctor.

The possibility of a DACA repeal, its impact on the Illinois health system and the future of medical students: A special report from DePaul University’s Center for Journalism Integrity and Excellence.

In Illinois, Marijuana Laws Struggle to Keep Up With Times

As legislators in Springfield debate the future of marijuana, some believe there is a major disconnect between Illinois’ laws and shifting public opinion. 

Chicago Gun Offender Registry Called Into Question

With the city’s mounting gun violence, some remain skeptical about the effectiveness of a little-known city ordinance called the Gun Offender Registry. A special report from DePaul University's Center for Journalism Integrity and Excellence.