Stories by Evan Garcia

Sitting at Work is Bad, But Not Moving is Worse, UIC Study Finds

Bryan Canady, Air Force Life Cycle Management Center contracting specialist, performs his job while standing at the computer. (Tommie Horton / U.S. Air Force)

You may have been warned that “sitting is the new smoking,” but a new study may have you second-guessing the purchase of a standing desk – and not so worried if you tend to fidget.

Why Are Coyotes Thriving in the Chicago Area?

The coyote population in the area has about doubled since 2005, according to research by Stanley Gehrt, who’s been studying coyotes for nearly 20 years. 

Reports: Most Punishments Appealed by CPD Overturned, Thrown Out

Chicago Tribune and ProPublica Illinois investigative reporters on how some Chicago police officers are able to reduce or overturn their punishments.

Chicago's Top DEA Official Retiring After 30 Years

After a storied career of bringing down drug kingpins such as Mexico’s Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, Chicago’s top federal drug enforcement official Dennis Wichern is calling it quits.

Secret UFO Program Funded by Pentagon for Years

It might sound like an episode of “The X-Files,” but a story reported Saturday by the New York Times sheds light on an official Pentagon program that researched and investigated unidentified flying objects.

Chicago Takes the Reins of Bitcoin Futures Trading

On Sunday, the Chicago Board Options Exchange became the first major U.S. exchange to start trading bitcoin futures, allowing traders to place bet on the commodity’s future value.

Duck Hunting in Chicago? Yep, at City’s Only State Park

For 70 years, hunters have been shooting waterfowl at Wolf Lake on the city’s Far South Side. It is the only state park within city limits, and one of the only places to hunt in Chicago. We go for a visit.

UChicago, Surfrider Foundation Team Up Against U.S. Steel

A surfer rides the waves on the south end of Lake Michigan. (Credit: Mike Killion)

Surfer environmentalists and the University of Chicago intend to sue U.S. Steel over toxic Lake Michigan spills after it twice released more than the allowable quantity of a cancer-causing chemical into the waters this year.

How Will GOP Tax Plan Affect the Economy and Americans’ Wallets?

Republicans in Congress have successfully passed tax legislation. Will a corporate-friendly tax overhaul help spur job and wage growth, or merely help the rich get richer?

House Democrats Move to Impeach Trump. What Are Their Chances?

(Michael Vadon / Wikimedia Commons)

Illinois U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez on Wednesday was one of six House Democrats who formally moved to impeach President Donald Trump by filing articles of impeachment.

Lawsuit: Public Defenders ‘Forced to Endure Heinous Sexual Misconduct’

Carol Marin discusses a court appearance by attorneys for Cook County public defenders who filed suit over detainees exposing themselves.

Andrea Zopp’s Plans to Attract Business and Development to Chicago

(Trey Ratcliff / Flickr)

The city’s former deputy mayor in charge of neighborhood redevelopment talks about her new role as CEO of World Business Chicago.

Dating in the Digital World: How Matchmaking Sites Are Changing Society

While it may have seemed taboo 15 or 20 years ago, online dating is now a courtship commonplace. We explore the growing prominence of dating in the digital world.

New Watchdog to Investigate Ethics Complaints in Springfield

After three years without a legislative inspector general, a former federal prosecutor has been tapped to temporarily fill the watchdog position. Former federal prosecutor Julie Porter discusses her new role.

Cook County Jail Adapts to Better Address Mental Illness

Cook County Jail wasn’t designed to be a psychiatric facility, but it’s turned into one of the largest mental health institutions in the country, says Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart.

State Lawmakers Speak Out on Sexual Harassment in Springfield

Lawmakers who signed an open letter describing a culture of sexual harassment and misconduct in Springfield discuss the problem.

Breaking the Silence on Sexual Harassment in Springfield and Beyond

Are we seeing a societal sea change when it comes to sexual harassment?

The Last Printer on Printers Row Fights to Survive

We visit Palmer Printing, the sole remnant of a once-vibrant printing industry in the South Loop.

Cyber Warfare: How the U.S. Military, Tech Companies Shield Themselves

What will cyber warfare of the future look like? We discuss how the private and public sector is impacted by cyberattacks.

Aasif Mandvi: ‘We’ve Turned Our Government into a Reality Show’

The former “Daily Show” correspondent discusses politics, comedy and culture within the entertainment industry.

Northwestern Professor Asks, ‘What Makes Our Internal Clocks Tick?’

Whether you’re a night owl or an early bird, your sleep is regulated by your circadian rhythm. A sleep expert helps unravel the mystery of our internal clock.

Mayor: Police Overtime Abuse, Murder Clearance Rate ‘Unacceptable’

Mayor Rahm Emanuel says the Chicago Police Department’s murder clearance rate is “unacceptable,” as are details out this week describing an “abuse of culture” surrounding police overtime pay. Watch the interview.

City Colleges of Chicago Chancellor on Free Tuition Program

How has free college tuition worked out for some students? City Colleges of Chicago Chancellor Juan Salgado joins us.

Chicago’s Bike Infrastructure is Evolving, But Inequality Persists

How is the city addressing bike safety as well as concerns relating to inequality and bike infrastructure? Streetsblog Chicago editor John Greenfield joins us.

Illinois Public Health Department Issues Standing Order for Naloxone

(VCU CNS / Flickr)

There were nearly 1,900 fatal opioid overdoses in Illinois last year, according to the Illinois Department of Public Health. We speak with Nirav Shah, the agency’s director, about the state’s fight against the crisis.