Gwen Ifill

On Monday, the co-anchor and managing editor of “PBS NewsHour” died at the age of 61 following several months of cancer treatment.

President Barack Obama takes jabs at Donald Trump on the campaign trail. The latest on the presidential campaign.

Recent polls indicate Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is closing in on Hillary Clinton’s national lead of about 3 to 4 percentage points. “PBS NewsHour” correspondent John Yang joins us with the latest.

Clinton’s emails and Trump’s taxes are dogging their respective campaigns. A look at the latest developments in the presidential election.

On Friday, FBI Director James Comey revealed the agency is looking once again into emails from Hillary Clinton. “PBS NewsHour” correspondent Lisa Desjardins joins us from Washington, D.C., to discuss the development.

An unusual election season is drawing to a close. We hear about the latest in the presidential campaign from “PBS NewsHour” correspondent Lisa Desjardins.

Donald Trump refuses to say he whether he will accept the results of the election. PBS “NewsHour” correspondent Lisa Desjardins joins us with the latest news from a contentious campaign.

Donald Trump responds to allegations of misconduct from multiple women. “PBS NewsHour” correspondent Lisa Desjardins weighs in on this and more.

Election Day is just a little more than four weeks away. “PBS NewsHour” correspondent John Yang joins us to talk about Sunday's presidential debate and how the campaign is shaping up.

Watch Charlie Rose's exclusive interview with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The Chicago Board of Education plans to close 54 schools, citing a $1 billion deficit and under-enrollment. Critics say this move will disrupt communities and put kids in danger. For both sides of the debate, PBS NewsHour's Jeffrey Brown talks with School Board vice president Jesse Ruiz and Karen Lewis, president of the Chicago Teachers Union.

Chicago blues legend Buddy Guy talks about his career and his new autobiography. Jeffrey Brown from the PBS Newshour reports.

Kids in Albany Park confront difficult themes on stage. We go behind-the-scenes at the innovative Albany Park Theater Project.

Jim Lehrer

He’s had a front row seat for 11 presidential and vice-presidential debates, and now the longtime host of the “PBS NewsHour” tells us about his new book, “Tension City.”

Former Apple CEO John Sculley said he didn't think there was a home computer market back in 1985. Elizabeth Brackett reported on Apple 26 years ago. We revisit her encounter with a prickly Steve Jobs, and get some perspective about just how far Apple has come.

Jim Lehrer appears on “Chicago Tonight” on April 26, 2010. (WTTW News)

We speak with the co-founder of “PBS NewsHour,” renowned journalist Jim Lehrer, who has just written his 20th novel, “Super.”