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Trump Finds Kanye West ‘Impressive’ at White House Lunch

During a visit Thursday to the White House, Grammy Award-winning rapper Kanye West talked about his hometown of Chicago and much more in a meeting with President Donald Trump.

“The president said he found Kanye West to be impressive,” said “PBS NewsHour” White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor. During the 30-minute meeting, West, who did most of the talking, touched on a range of topics, from presidential airplanes to the 13th Amendment to his own mental health. 

He also advocated for clemency for Chicago gang leader Larry Hoover, who was imprisoned in the 1970s for a gang-related murder. “It was a pretty shocking advocacy from Kanye West,” said Alcindor, “because this is someone who is really known as starting this decadeslong gangster war.” 

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