Rauner pushes for compromise, which includes continued closure of Thompson Center art gallery

On Monday, the state of Illinois announced the reopening of the Illinois State Museum, a 138-year-old institution closed by Gov. Bruce Rauner last September. But it's not exactly that easy. 

Teachers, parents and the Chicago Public Schools district may not always agree, but on this point they do: leave the management of CPS in Chicago. We hear from education leaders on the GOP plan for a state takeover of the nation's third-largest school district.

Christine Radogno

Gov. Bruce Rauner and Republican leaders officially announced on Wednesday their ambitious agenda to allow for an emergency financial authority appointed by the Illinois State Board of Education superintendent to take over Chicago Public Schools in the wake of a $500 million funding shortfall.

Republican state leaders want to take away mayoral control of the cash-strapped Chicago Public Schools. Instead, they want the nation's third largest school district under the purview of a state emergency board. Democratic legislative leaders in Springfield immediately opposed the plan, with some calling it "dead on arrival." We speak with state legislators from both parties.

Chicago State University campus

Many Illinois college students face the loss of their MAP grants because of the state's fiscal crisis, and Chicago State University says it won't be able to make payroll in March. Amanda Vinicky joins us with details.

"Chicago Tonight” has learned that Gov. Bruce Rauner and top Republican leaders are planning to introduce legislation aimed at an emergency financial takeover of the city of Chicago and Chicago Public Schools. Paris Schutz has details.

Governors State University (Daniel X. O'Neil / Flickr)

With the state budget standoff in its seventh month and little apparent urgency from Springfield, we talk with the presidents of Governors State and Northeastern Illinois Universities as the funding crisis deepens.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel, left, Gov. Bruce Rauner

Mayor Rahm Emanuel had some harsh words for Gov. Bruce Rauner today over a plan to have the state relieve $500 million in pension costs for CPS, one day after Rauner said he was "very disappointed," in the mayor. Paris Schutz brings us the latest.

Bruce Rauner

The governor unveils a plan he says will save taxpayers billions every year. But, as with everything else, can he get it through the General Assembly? Paris Schutz brings us more on that and whether or not the governor supports the recall of Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

After being closed almost three months due to the state’s budget crisis, the Illinois State Museum has recently lost more staff members as it tiptoes ever closer to losing its accreditation in 2016.

Public universities in Illinois have received no state funding since the budget standoff began in July. We hear from four university presidents on the impact the budget crisis is having on their campuses.


Multiple state facilities have been closed to the public due to the budget stalemate – legislation passed on Tuesday could change that.

The Illinois General Assembly returned to work in Springfield on Tuesday for the first time in three weeks. Amanda Vinicky joins us with the latest.

Still no budget in Springfield and now the state's comptroller says Illinois is starting to fall far behind in paying its bills. We have the latest on this and other news out of Springfield on Chicago Tonight with Amanda Vinicky.

The House today passed a bill freeing up nearly $5 billion in federal money. But Democrats failed to get enough support for an amendment to spend state dollars on some human services. After the vote, House Speaker Michael Madigan expressed frustration over the failed effort, but Republicans weren't buying it. We'll get the latest from Springfield with Chicago Tonight's Amanda Vinicky.

A new, in-depth report looks at how Illinois politicians pulled the state into the current pension mess after decades of poor planning, non-existent estimates, and last-minute decision making. Journalist Dave McKinney wrote the story for Crain's Chicago Business and joins Chicago Tonight to discuss the story and how it provides important context for our current crisis.