Laquan McDonald Shooting

Complete coverage from “Chicago Tonight,” including interviews with activists and officials on the shooting death of the 17-year-old in October 2014. For more related stories on the Laquan McDonald case, click here.

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To see five dash-cam videos depicting the shooting, scroll to the bottom of the page or click here. Warning: These videos contain graphic images of violence. Viewer discretion is advised.

Thursday, Dec. 10
Teaching Laquan McDonald

In many city classrooms sit young men and women who may have a lot in common with Laquan McDonald. Brandis Friedman has more on how the discussion between students and teachers is unfolding.

Wednesday, Dec. 2
Names Emerge for Next Chicago Police Superintendent

Names of a possible successor to Garry McCarthy are starting to emerge. How will the process work? Should a new superintendent come from inside or outside the CPD?

Tuesday, Dec. 1
Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy Fired

Mayor Rahm Emanuel at a press conference announced that he'd asked Garry McCarthy to step down as superintendent of police.

Tuesday, Dec. 1
Anita Alvarez on Re-election Efforts in Wake of Laquan McDonald Shooting

The Cook County State's Attorney joins "Chicago Tonight" to discuss re-election efforts in the aftermath of the shooting of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald.

Tuesday, Nov. 24
City Releases Laquan McDonald Shooting Video

The Chicago Police Department released the dash-cam video depicting the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald by police officer Jason Van Dyke.

Monday, Nov. 30
Officer Accused of Killing Laquan McDonald is Released from Jail

After posting bail, Jason Van Dyke is released from jail. Though bond is set at $1.5 million, he only has to post 10 percent of that amount–$150,000–to be released.

Monday, Nov. 30
Newspaper Editorial Boards Weigh In on Laquan McDonald Shooting

The Chicago Tribune and Sun-Times editorial boards raised questions about the shooting and investigation.

Wednesday, Nov. 25
Fallout from Release of Laquan McDonald Video

There are calls for renewed scrutiny of the Chicago Police Department and the State's Attorney's office in the wake of the Laquan McDonald video release.

Wednesday, Nov. 25
Demonstrators Call for Justice in Shooting Death of Laquan McDonald

Since the announcement that a Chicago Police officer would face charges, hundreds of activists have been taking to the streets to demand justice for the teenager.

Wednesday, Nov. 25
Addressing Accountability in Shooting Death of Laquan McDonald

City Council’s Black Caucus wants to hold CPD Superintendent Garry McCarthy accountable, while activists are calling for the ouster of Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez.

Wednesday, Nov. 25
Analyzing the Media's Coverage of Laquan McDonald Shooting Video

With the release of the video, we examine how the media has covered this case with two longtime local media professionals.

Wednesday, Nov. 25
Charges Dropped Against Activist Poet Arrested During Laquan McDonald Protest

All charges were dropped against activist poet Malcolm London, who was arrested Tuesday evening after participating in protests. 

Tuesday, Nov. 24
Chicago Police Officer Involved in Laquan McDonald Shooting Charged with Murder

Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez charges Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke with first-degree murder. 

Tuesday, Nov. 24
Chicago Reacts to Release of Laquan McDonald Video

Brandis Friedman reports live with reaction to the video, as well as reaction from Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Chicago police Superintendent Garry McCarthy.

Tuesday, Nov. 24
Attorney of Officer Van Dyke Addresses Shooting Video of Laquan McDonald

Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke's attorney, Daniel Herbert, talks about the video's release.

Tuesday, Nov. 24
Ministers and Community Activists Respond to Decision to Charge CPD Officer with Murder

We talk with activists and faith leaders about the first-degree murder charge and what reaction they expect from their community at large.

Monday, Nov. 23
Chicago Prepares for Release of Controversial Police Shooting Video

The city is bracing for the release of the dash-cam video.

Monday, Nov. 23
Understanding Police Shooting Investigations

The city of Chicago will release video this week showing a police officer shooting a teenager. We take a closer at look at the sometimes lengthy process of investigating police shootings.

Thursday, Nov. 19
City Will Release Laquan McDonald Police Shooting Video

A Cook County judge ruled that the city must release the video despite several ongoing investigations into the shooting. 

Thursday, Nov. 19
McDonald Family Attorney, Journalist React to Judge's Ruling on Controversial Police Video

We talk with the freelance journalist who sued the city for the video and one of the attorneys representing the McDonald family during settlement talks with the city.

Thursday, Nov. 19
Laquan McDonald Police Video Release Stirs Mixed Reactions

We hear from two members of the black community as a Cook County judge orders the release of dashboard video footage.


The Chicago Police Department on Nov. 24 released the dash-cam video below depicting the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald by police officer Jason Van Dyke, who shot the African-American teen 16 times on Oct. 20, 2014.

Additional dash-cam footage of the shooting scene was released in the days following the initial video. Below are four additional videos, with explanations of what they appear to depict.


Dash-cam footage depicts a police vehicle traveling through the parking lot of a Burger King restaurant (4060 S. Pulaski Rd.) and captures McDonald running through the parking lot directly in front of the vehicle and the restaurant before heading south on Pulaski. The vehicle circles McDonald’s left and pulls to a stop on Pulaski Road. An oncoming police vehicle enters the scene traveling from the south and pulls to a complete stop at approximately 9:57:35 p.m. Two officers exit the vehicle at approximately the same time that McDonald was first shot by Officer Jason Van Dyke. The footage from this video appears to have been taken from the police vehicle that Officer Jason Van Dyke was traveling in. Police are shown gathering in front of the vehicle in the moments that follow.


Dash-cam footage depicts a police vehicle traveling north on Pulaski Road, approaching the scene of the shooting from the south and arriving just after 9:58 p.m., less than one minute after McDonald is shot, to capture video footage of McDonald’s body lying on the ground. The officer then turns the vehicle around and heads south, stopping to block off northbound traffic on Pulaski Road.


Dash-cam footage depicts a police vehicle traveling south on Pulaski Road toward Burger King and the crime scene. The vehicle pulls to a stop at approximately 9:58:23 p.m., less than one minute after McDonald is shot, and then turns to secure the scene and blocks off southbound traffic on Pulaski Road.


Dash-cam footage records an ambulance at the scene at 10:03:14 p.m., approximately three minutes after McDonald is shot.

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