If you’ve forgotten what presidential debates look and sound like without all of the accoutrements of our modern age – such as yelling, interruption and name-calling – you’d fare well by looking back a few years.

As parents rally for education funding outside of CPS headquarters, district officials prepare for an even bigger rally in Springfield.

Chicago Public Schools is bracing to implement devastating budget cuts of as much as 25 percent, blaming what they say is a state school-funding formula that shortchanges Chicago children. So, is there any prospect of movement on the issue in Springfield?

The Illinois General Assembly passes funding for social service providers and shares details on what a potential budget agreement would include. We have the latest from Springfield.

Illinois is in an unprecedented budget stalemate that's lasted more than half a year and has sucked up much of the oxygen in Springfield. On Wednesday, Republican lawmakers plan to unveil legislation that would take away mayoral control from Chicago Public Schools. We speak with a panel of legislators.

Illinois is in its fifth month without a state budget and Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Gov. Bruce Rauner have traded barbs—and possibly some dead fish—over how to resolve the impasse that is sucking all of the oxygen up in Springfield. We talk with "Chicago Tonight" reporters Paris Shutz and Amanda Vinicky, and WBEZ political reporter Tony Arnold. 

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The fiscal cracks may be turning into floodgates as the state government approaches a fifth month without a budget. A major ratings agency on Monday dealt a blow to the state as a result of the inaction in Springfield. Has it emboldened either side to get off the sidelines and work together on a solution? Paris Schutz has the latest.

For nearly half of Gov. Bruce Rauner’s term, Illinois has been without a budget. Rauner argues the budget impasse constitutes a state of emergency, which is his rationale for using an obscure rule-making procedure to cut spending and set up stricter eligibility requirements for social services. Amanda Vinicky joins us to discuss the governor’s plans.

As summer turns to fall, time seems to be at a standstill in Springfield. With the House not scheduled to meet anytime soon, is now the time for state lawmakers to break ranks and come up with a plan B? And if so, what practical options do they have? We talk with a group of so-called rebel lawmakers.

Illinois is coming up on almost three months with no state budget, and Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner and Democratic legislative leaders don't appear to be any closer to a solution. Two lawmakers known for sometimes bucking their party leaders discuss whether there's a bipartisan path out of the state's current mess.

On this edition of Chicago Tonight: The Week in Review with Joel Weisman, our panel of guests discuss state and local politics, education, traffic, sports, and more.

The Chicago Public Schools budget that is short half a billion dollars is officially enacted. The fate of that $500 million assistance is in the hands of the Illinois House, where support is currently tenuous at best. Thursday, some House lawmakers sent a message to the city and Chicago Public Schools: certain things have to happen before that chamber gets on board. What are they?

We share what you had to say about the continued debate over the title of Spike Lee’s new film Chi-Raq and the ongoing budget stalemate in Springfield.

Chicago Public Schools principals are finally getting a look at their budgets for the school year that starts in September. The district says, altogether, it is releasing $31 million less to schools this year, because of declining enrollment.

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Illinois House lawmakers are back in session in Springfield a week after representatives failed to pass a one-month spending plan. The Democrat-controlled House led by Speaker Michael Madigan is scheduled to take up the temporary spending plan again despite opposition from Gov. Bruce Rauner and Republican lawmakers. We talk with Chicago Tonight's Springfield reporter Amanda Vinicky about the status of the budget and more.

State lawmakers are considered a temporary one-month budget in an effort to keep state government funded. That measure failed in the House. Senate President John Cullerton has proposed a measure that addresses the pension crisis facing Chicago Public Schools, while also incorporating a property tax freeze which Gov. Bruce Rauner sought. We talk with Chicago Tonight correspondents Carol Marin and Amanda Vinicky.