We learn about a New Year's Eve celebration that's bringing a community together.

We revisit a conversation with a cardiologist who believes a vegan diet is good for your heart.

President of the American Academy of Religion Laurie Zoloth proposes her colleagues take a sabbatical from their annual conference every six years.

Amnesty International partnered with art-based nonprofit Donda’s House in the fight for human rights.

A Chicago mentoring program that strives to ensure that 100 percent of participating students graduate high school, enter college, and gain skills to succeed in the workplace, participates in The White House College Opportunity Day of Action.

The Chicago Defender was founded in 1905, and at one point was the nation's most influential black weekly newspaper. We hear from the new editor and publisher about future plans for the publication.

More than 80 judicial candidates are running for election, with many of them running unopposed. Each year the Chicago Council of Lawyers and the Chicago Bar Association screen and rate judicial candidates, and the organizations use their ratings to determine whether they would recommend a judge for retention. 

We dive into the research and business development that's bringing cleaner energy to the Midwest.

Photo by Susie Cushner

James Beard Foundation Promotes Food Education, Excellence

The James Beard Foundation is bringing its annual restaurant and chef awards to Chicago. Susan Ungaro, the foundation's president, visits Chicago Tonight to talk about Chicago's culinary scene, fine dining, and the food industry's appeal to mainstream media.

Cookbook Brings Indian Traditions to Your Kitchen

Anupy Singla stops by to talk about Indian spices, and her new cookbook, "Indian for Everyone: The Home Cook's Guide to Traditional Favorites."

We take a look at the growing income disparity between blue- and white-collar workers.

His tweets cost him a tenured position at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Chicago Tonight sits down with Steven Salaita to hear about how social media changed his life.

Ebola is rapidly spreading in West Africa, killing thousands of people; and the first case in the U.S. was recently reported. Learn more about the virus and local research that focuses on treating and preventing Ebola.

We're just five weeks away from the November election and debates are getting more heated, ads are becoming more personal, and candidate campaign offices are popping up on the city's South Side. Chicago Tonight takes a look at the key races.

A new editorial cartoon addresses the long lasting impact of abuse. Scott Stantis, the cartoonist behind the autobiographical essay, discusses what he says is his best piece of work.

A recent study argues diet soda may put consumers at risk for diabetes.