(Kalyee Costello)

“I’d like more people to be interested in science,” said Chicago student photographer Kaylee Costello. “These images will hopefully grab their attention, so they also know there is art within science.”

Mary Koga, Tulips: RG #16, from the "Floral & Leaves" series, 1971, portfolio 1982-1996

Curators and students at Columbia College Chicago have devised a way to get viewers to reimagine the meaning of a photograph.

The president of Columbia College Chicago on why there’s been a big drop in enrollment at the school and challenges to its identity in the world of creativity.

(afunkydamsel / Flickr)

A proposed overhaul of the fashion studies curriculum at Columbia College Chicago has upset some students and part-time faculty, who’ve criticized what they see as a move away from strictly manufacturing and design courses toward a more marketing- and business-focused program.

(Jason Howie / Flickr)

The pope endorses Donald Trump. Michelle Obama unfollows Hillary Clinton on Twitter. These days fake news is making real news. Could you be spreading lies on your Facebook feed?

Mark Kelly of the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events

Free events like the Chicago Blues Festival are evolving. We speak with Chicago’s new commissioner of cultural affairs and special events about the future of city celebrations.

Kate McKinnon and Larry David portray Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in a “Saturday Night Live” sketch that aired in May 2016. (Courtesy NBC)

Monday's presidential debate sparked some laughs. We look at how comedians have tackled this election, what's resonated and what has fallen flat. 

The inaugural two-day festival coming April 21 showcases films that address issues of gender, race, sexuality and other topics related to social injustice and inequality.

The veteran DJ and Radio Hall of Famer is back on the air following cancer surgery earlier this year. Learn about her new project blending a history lesson with live music.

(Museum of Contemporary Photography)

In the Loop, a photographic feast is now being served. To celebrate its 40th anniversary, the Museum of Contemporary Photography combed its archives to find the pictures that best reflect the character of the museum. What they found were dramatic images from the 19th century to the 21st.

They closed some 44 years ago, but Chicago's Union Stockyards profoundly shaped the development of the city and the modern world. Dominic Pacyga, a local historian and former stockyard worker, tells the story in his new book "Slaughterhouse.” Pacyga joins us tonight.

Conan O'Brien. (Meghan Sinclair / Team Coco)

A freelance comedy writer from Winnetka accuses Conan O’Brien of using jokes he posted on Twitter and has filed a lawsuit against the late-night comedian. Tonight, we’ll talk about the ethics of comedy and how jokes are shared with comedian Dwayne Kennedy and Curtis Flagg, the director of operations at Chicago’s Laugh Factory.