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Where the fight for intersex rights is headed after a recent victory in Chicago. We speak with activist Pidgeon Pagonis and Dr. Ellie Kim of Lurie Children’s Hospital.

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Stress, drug abuse and depression are among the top 10 health issues facing Chicago youth, according to a citywide survey of adults.

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According to the latest findings from a citywide survey, Chicago parents who live in a community with limited access to grocery stores were more likely to report challenges in providing healthy meals to their children.

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Finding time for sit-down family meals and the cost of healthy foods are among the top challenges Chicago parents face in providing healthy meals to their children, a new citywide survey finds.

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Food allergies are on the rise, affecting 32 million Americans. Yet local clinicians are optimistic about future treatments, including one that could soon receive FDA approval.

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Caring for a sick family member, such as a child, is the top reason why parents take off work, according to a new citywide survey. Yet nearly 40 percent of working parents don’t have paid leave.

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In 2016, the number of young black men killed by a firearm in Chicago was nearly 50 times the national rate, according to a new report analyzing such deaths among 15- to 19-year-olds.

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Chicago parents say gun violence, bullying and poverty are among the top 10 social issues affecting the city’s youth, according to a citywide survey.

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The flu can keep kids out of school and parents out of work. So why do some parents chose not to get their children vaccinated against it? A new citywide survey offers some insight.

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More than 26 million American adults are estimated to have a food allergy, with shellfish reported as the top allergen, according to a new study by Northwestern University and Lurie Children’s Hospital.


Adults in Chicago think drug and alcohol abuse, obesity and depression are among the top 10 health problems facing the city’s youth, according to a new citywide survey.

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For the seventh consecutive year, Northwestern Memorial Hospital has been named by U.S. News & World Report as the best hospital in both the Chicago metro area and the state.

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“When parents are incarcerated, children are serving a life sentence as well, and unfortunately, it shows up in their health behaviors,” said Dr. Nia Heard-Garris, a pediatrician and lead author of the study.

A rare blood disorder called thalassemia requires regular blood transfusions, but gene therapy may change that, according to a new study.

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A citywide campaign seeks to curb underage drinking through public awareness and school policy reforms. “We don’t want schools to suspend students,” said Juan Padilla, a Voices of Youth in Chicago Education organizer.

Researchers have created a tool that can predict language learning in deaf children after they receive a cochlear implant. Prediction is just the first step, says Dr. Nancy Young. “We’re trying to create precision therapy.”