Food scraps can be composted into nutrients for soil. (herb007 / Pixabay)

The University of Illinois Extension in Cook County is teaming up with the Garfield Park Conservatory Alliance and Plant Chicago on a pair of compost collection events in Chicago on Saturday.

Guien the agave, at Garfield Park Conservatory, Feb. 7, 2022. (Patty Wetli / WTTW News)

Guien the agave continues to amaze. She’s now topped 20 feet and is fast approaching the Garfield Park Conservatory’s glass ceiling. Staff are trying to get the plant to slow her spurt.

"Guien" on its upward trajectory, photographed Dec. 26, 2021. The stalk is growing 3 to 4 inches a day. (Patty Wetli / WTTW News)

The agave’s stalk — which it shoots up before the plant’s once-in-a-lifetime bloom — has already blown away predictions of its top height, and it's still growing. Where it will stop, nobody knows.

The spike of an agave plant at Garfield Park Conservatory is just beginning to emerge, and should reach 6 feet. This is the beginning phase of the plant's first, and last, bloom. (Courtesy of Garfield Park Conservatory)

Visitors to the Garfield Park Conservatory have a rare and exciting opportunity to witness a plant in its spectacular death bloom as an agave prepares to flower for its first and last time.

Lincoln Park Conservatory's annual winter flower show has a candy-cane theme of red and white poinsettias. (Lincoln Park Conservancy / Facebook)

Another holiday tradition makes a comeback in 2021, as winter flower shows open Wednesday at both the Lincoln Park and Garfield Park conservatories. Timed reservations are required.

"Still Life in Real Life," an exhibit at Garfield Park Conservatory, through Oct. 17, 2021. (Patty Wetli / WTTW News)

Charles Ethan Porter, the only late-19th century Black painter of still lifes and landscapes, translated scenes from nature onto canvas. Now the Garfield Park Conservatory has reversed the process, using plants in place of paints, to transform its Artist’s Garden into a living interpretation of Porter’s work.

Al Raby High School teacher Jasmine Jones, second from left, and her students talk about their solar panel project. (WTTW News)
A group of students on the West Side are determined to make a big change by confronting environmental issues and working to bring solar energy to their community. We learn more about their vision for Garfield Park.
Garfield Park's Gold Dome fieldhouse and cultural center. (Google Street View)

Garfield Park is set to receive an infusion of Tax Increment Financing dollars for various projects that will help restore some of the park’s historic features, while reimagining others.

One of the "Human+Nature" sculptures at Morton Arboretum. (Courtesy of Morton Arboretum)

Along with the kick off to beach season, a number of other outdoor attractions are opening up in Chicago over Memorial Day weekend.

Garfield Pak Conservatory's greenhouse and outdoor gardens are described as "serene and enveloping." (Garfield Park Conservatory / Facebook)

In a listing of the top 25 botanical gardens in the U.S. and Canada, as compiled by Yelp, the conservatory claimed the top spot. The Chicago Botanic Garden, also made the list, coming in 12th.

Garfield Park Conservatory's "Saturation" exhibit. (Patty Wetli / WTTW News)

After months of staring at Chicago’s bleak and barren winter landscape, Garfield Park Conservatory’s spring show is a bit like landing in Oz.

Garield Park Conservatory's indoor garden is reopening to visitors. (Courtesy of Garfield Park Conservatory)

The landscape has been pretty bleak of late. Here to brighten our outlook: The Garfield Park Conservatory has announced its indoor gardens will reopen to the public at the end of February.

Claude Monet. Landscape with Figures, Giverny, 1888. Private collection.

Chicago is home to more Claude Monet paintings than any city other than Paris. That’s because the works of the famous French impressionist made a strong impression on local collectors. We explore the show “Monet and Chicago.” 

The Garfield Park Conservatory’s 2020 Martin Luther King Jr. tribute. (Courtesy of Garfield Park Conservatory)

The Garfield Park Conservatory is celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day virtually, with a look back at past tributes.   

The Garfield Park Conservatory has released teaser images in advance of the opening of "The Flowers of Monet" exhibit. (Garfield Park Conservatory / Facebook)

The conservatory has transformed its Artist’s Garden into a reflection of Monet’s vision, featuring plants that inspired some of Impressionism’s most memorable paintings. The exhibit opens Saturday in tandem with “Monet and Chicago” at the Art Institute. 

Garfield Park Conservatory is reopening its 10 acres of outdoor gardens in phases. (Courtesy of Garfield Park Conservatory)

Taking a phased approach, the conservatory is reopening its outdoor grounds to neighbors on July 1, members on July 8 and everyone else starting July 15.