A field of 10,000 cabbages in one of the Garfield Park Conservatory’s outdoor gardens is the centerpiece of a new “living exhibit” as part of the Chicago Architecture Biennial. (Brian Kinyon / Chicago Park District)

A pair of Danish architects hope to make a statement and spark conversations about food production with their new exhibit that’s part of the Chicago Architecture Biennial.

The Agave americana plant at Garfield Park Conservatory, pictured here in March, measures 33 feet, 6 inches tall as of June 5. It is now growing through the greenhouse roof. (Courtesy Garfield Park Conservatory)

In the midst of a massive growth spurt that began in late winter, the century plant at Garfield Park Conservatory now hovers above the glass dome. We last visited the plant in March, when it stood a mere 17 feet tall.

The century plant at Garfield Park Conservatory stands about 17 feet, 6 inches tall on Monday, March 4, 2019.

For more than half a century, a plant at the Garfield Park Conservatory has been growing slowly and imperceptibly. Until last fall. We visit the rapidly ascending century plant.

Holiday Thorne Rooms. Courtesy of The Art Institute of Chicago.

The Tiffany glass and marble ceilings in a fireproof mansion are decked out for the holidays. Geoffrey Baer rounds up some seasonal offerings of art, culture and fun.

Image Credit: Garfield Park Conservatory Alliance.

Cleanup Underway After Hail Storm

More than two months after a devastating hail storm took out its glass roof, Paris Schutz has the story on how Garfield Park Conservatory plans to put it all back together before winter arrives.