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Participating in the eclipse is a way for “people to demonstrate that they want to understand the world scientifically,” DePaul sociologist Roberta Garner says. 


“Both sleep and cortisol are connected to the ability to learn and perform academic tasks,” said researcher Jennifer Heissel. “Our study identifies a pathway by which violent crime may get under the skin to affect academic performance.”

As legislators in Springfield debate the future of marijuana, some believe there is a major disconnect between Illinois’ laws and shifting public opinion. 

For most of us, procrastination means periodically putting off tasks, but some people make delaying responsibilities a way of life. Meet a researcher who has studied procrastination for two decades.


With the city’s mounting gun violence, some remain skeptical about the effectiveness of a little-known city ordinance called the Gun Offender Registry. A special report from DePaul University's Center for Journalism Integrity and Excellence.

A new DePaul University study suggests that it may be safer for bicyclists to roll through stop signs and red lights rather than coming to a full stop. The practice, legal in Idaho, is known as an “Idaho stop.”

A newly identified species of shark, Megalolamna paradoxodon, lived about 20 million years ago and measured roughly 13 feet in length. (Kenshu Shimada / DePaul University)

Species Relative of Great White, Megalodon Sharks

About 20 million years ago, a 13-foot predator swam in warm, shallow seas across the globe. This extinct shark was recently discovered by an international team of researchers led by a DePaul University professor.

Hear what viewers had to say about our story on DePaul University's decision to bar a conservative speaker when we read feedback from the "Chicago Tonight" website, and our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Ben Shapiro speaks at a Young America's Foundation event.

Students across the political spectrum are angry with DePaul University's decision not to allow a conservative writer and commentator to speak at an on-campus event.

Ridley Scott's film 'The Martian'

The new Matt Damon movie "The Martian" rocketed to the top of the box-office this past weekend, but how accurate is its rocket science? Our panelists give us their review of the physics and psychology of the cinematic trip to Mars.

Former State Rep. H. Woods “Woody” Bowman died Friday evening after his car crashed in Van Buren County, Mich. His wife, Michele Thompson, was seriously injured in the accident.

Nadav Shoked, Assistant Professor of Law at Northwestern University, and Tina Feldstein, President of the Prairie District Neighborhood Alliance, join us to discuss the pros and cons surrounding the city’s controversial plan to expand McCormick Place with a 10,000 seat arena for DePaul University’s basketball team, as well as adding two hotels. 

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According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the city is planning a 12,000-seat arena at McCormick Place that could house the DePaul Blue Demons. The University of Chicago's Allen Sanderson breaks down the economics of a new stadium.

Artists look at the environment and create beauty out of uncertainty. We take another look at a local exhibit.

Need some ideas for what to do this weekend? Chicago Tonight knows what is going on!

"Algal Biodiesel Processing Station III" by Marissa Lee Benedict; courtesy of DePaul Art Museum

Artists look at the environment and create beauty out of uncertainty. We get a preview of a local exhibit.