Are lawmakers any closer to a budget agreement? We speak with two legislators about the progress in Springfield.

Lawmakers are back in Springfield this week to debate, among other things, a graduated income tax, extending the temporary income tax, pension fixes and more. Joining us are State Sen. Daniel Biss (D), State Rep. Christian Mitchell (D) and State Rep. Tom Demmer (R). 

Illinois lawmakers react to Gov. Pat Quinn’s state of the state address, and discuss what to expect from the upcoming spring session.

Gov. Pat Quinn set a July 9 deadline for a pension committee of lawmakers to come up with a compromise. We check in with two of the members to see what the likelihood of comprehensive reform is. See how House and Senate members voted on pension bills.

Pension reform made some strides before the General Assembly went on Spring Break. What was done, and how much closer is Illinois to comprehensive reform? Carol Marin and four state legislators discuss the developments.

The veto session ended with several big ticket issues still unresolved. We preview what is expected to be addressed at the beginning of the year.