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John Kessler served up five criticisms of the city’s restaurant and food culture in a Chicago magazine article this week – and he’s facing some heat for it. Do you think Chicago’s dining scene has “lost its luster”?

Shomari Legghette, center, appears before Cook County Judge Erica Reddick on Monday, March 12. (Courtroom sketch by Thomas Gianni). Inset: Chicago Police Cmdr. Paul Bauer.

Chicago magazine offers detailed portraits of slain police Cmdr. Paul Bauer and the man charged in the case with first-degree murder. We speak with the reporters behind the story.

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Two journalists talk about their recent interviews with the imprisoned former Illinois governor.

Nearly 40 countries are represented at Sullivan High School in Rogers Park. We meet the head of the school’s English language program – and the reporter who recently wrote about the school.

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Ten years ago, Chicago real estate bottomed out – and it still hasn’t fully recovered. But depending on what buyers are looking for, there are promising neighborhoods and suburbs all around.

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Two Chicago-area doctors who recently traveled to Aleppo share their stories.

The president of Columbia College Chicago on why there’s been a big drop in enrollment at the school and challenges to its identity in the world of creativity.

Chicago magazine is out with a new ranking of the best public schools in the Chicago area. We discuss the list, the methodology and public education innovators with features editor David McAninch.


Questioning Chicago’s Crime Statistics

Chicago magazine digs further into the Chicago Police Department’s homicide numbers a year after the magazine came out with two explosive reports by David Bernstein and Noah Isackson. The reporters detailed a number of incidents in which crimes were reclassified in order to fit the narrative that crime overall was falling in the city. A year later, the duo reports that CPD continues to undercount the city’s murders in New Tricks.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner has told his life story through commercials, interviews, and articles. Are you curious about the life events Rauner’s campaign hasn’t revealed? One reporter has the answers.

We talk with real estate guru Dennis Rodkin about the status of Chicago’s housing market. View a graph on the local housing market.

How do you price a piece of architectural art? Prairie style master Frank Lloyd Wright designed nearly 100 homes in the Chicago area, but now some owners are having trouble selling these homes. Chicago magazine's real estate expert Dennis Rodkin joins us to discuss why sellers are having trouble, and he tells us more about Chicago's housing market.

Now is the time to snag great home deals in Chicago -- but where are the best places to look? We give you the inside scoop.

Chicago Magazine’s Executive Editor, Cassie Walker Burke, is back on the show to tell us who made the publication’s 2013 list for the 100 most influential people in the city. 

Some familiar faces have been excluded from Chicago Magazine's list of the 100 Most Powerful Chicagoans. The magazine's executive editor tells us why.

President Obama spoke at a campaign fundraiser in Chicago last week. How will his campaign change this time around? How will it stay the same? We speak with the author of a new article that compares the 2007 candidate with the current one.