Donna More

Candidate statement: "I believe that the State’s Attorney of Cook County plays two important roles. The first is to prosecute crime no matter who commits it. That means being tough on crime without regard to race, uniform, politics or money. The job requires a dogged determination to remain wide-eyed about evidence … and blind to outside influence."

Anita Alvarez

Candidate statement: "I have devoted my entire legal career to public service as an Assistant State’s Attorney, working for justice, fairness and compassion and advocating for victims of crime across Cook County."

Kim Foxx

Candidate statement: "I am running for State’s Attorney because our criminal justice system is broken–and incumbent State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez is part of the problem."

Dorothy Brown

Candidate statement: "I ask you for your vote, because, in these very serious times, especially for our criminal justice system, it's important that we have a Clerk of Court, that will protect court records for all the people, not just for the privileged few."

Andrew Seo

Candidate statement: "My vision for the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District is to provide the Chicagoland area with a strong infrastructure system that will last the next 100 years."

Michael Cabonargi

Candidate's vision for this office: "As commissioner, I have worked to ensure homeowners and property owners receive a full and fair review of the assessed values of their property so they pay only their fair share in property taxes, while also guaranteeing schools and local communities receive these tax proceeds on time."

Karen Yarbrough

Candidate statement: "My guiding vision for the Cook County Recorder of Deeds is 'Accuracy-Efficiency-Advocacy.' That means protecting an accurate public record of property ownership and doing it with only the minimum amount of taxpayer resources needed to get the job done."

George Milkowski

“This government entity, with a billion dollar plus per-year budget, needs to use its resources in a more effective manner to get the most ‘bang’ for our tax dollar investment.” Learn more about this candidate.

R. Cary Capparelli

Candidate statement: "For the District to move forward, there is a need for a new breed of commissioner with an enlightened vision to make the agency more efficient."

Barbara McGowan

Candiate statement: "The major issue for me as an incumbent Commissioner of MWRD is to continue our efforts to fund and complete the entire TARP program which includes the completion of all phases of the McCook Reservoirs to alleviate flooding for the citizens of Cook County."

Michelle Harris

Candidate statement: "I am a strong community-based advocate who works very hard to improve the lives of Chicago residents. I'm experienced and dedicated to public service. And that's why I am seeking election as the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County."

Dan Patlak

Candidate's vision for this office: "To provide fair and impartial hearings in a timely, professional and cost efficient manner for taxpayers who are contesting their property tax assessment."

Tom Greenhaw

Candidate statement: "Transforming the MWRD into a resource recovery agency will both improve our environment and improve the District’s financial footing, providing the citizens of Cook County with its essential services in a more cost-effective way."

Jacob Meister

Candidate statement: "My vision is a Circuit Court Clerk’s office that operates the court system effectively and efficiently so the focus is on justice instead of bureaucracy."

Martin Durkan

Candidate Statement: "I will work to make sure that Cook County has the best infrastructure possible within the fiscal realties of the district."

Mariyana Spyropoulos

Candidate statement: "Nothing could be more important than protecting our natural resources for future generations."