Josina Morita

Candidate Statment: "As we see from what is happening in Flint, Michigan, protecting our water is essential for all of us."

Joseph Cook

Candidate Statement: "The most pressing issue facing the MWRD is to continue to protect the quality of our water and to continue to handle issues related to stormwater management."

Kevin McDevitt

Candidate statement: "I envision the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District taking the lead role in areas such as renewable energy, disinfection of our local waterways, and being fiscally responsible to the taxpayers of Cook County."

Diane Shapiro

Candidate statement: "My vision for this office is to first eliminate the Security Detail and refund all of the money spent on this to the Cook County Coffers. I will accept only a CTA Pass, Metra Pass and gasoline allowance for my personal vehicle only when traveling from courthouse to courthouse."