Stories by Quinn Myers

Aldermen Demand Hearing on Crime as Lightfoot Dismisses Rancor at City Hall

Mayor Lori Lightfoot appears on “Chicago Tonight” via Zoom on Tuesday, June 29, 2021. (WTTW News)

Chicago and other major cities are experiencing a “pandemic-spurred surge” in violence that officials are having success in fighting despite a rising number of shootings and homicides, Mayor Lori Lightfoot said during a one-on-one interview Tuesday on “Chicago Tonight.”

Cemetery Tour Traces 155 Years of History Since the First Juneteenth

Oak Woods Cemetery (WTTW News)

From the Civil War to the civil rights movement and everything in between, the lives of these prominent Black Chicagoans are educating others. We visit Oak Woods Cemetery for a lesson.

Police Reform Advocates, Aldermen Blast Lightfoot’s Plan for Police Oversight Board

Supporters of the Empowering Communities for Public Safety plan call for more police accountability during a rally April 21, 2021. (Heather Cherone / WTTW News)

Police reform advocates and progressive aldermen blasted Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s plan to create a seven-member civilian board to oversee the Chicago Police Department, saying Tuesday that it would not help restore trust in the beleaguered department.

Lightfoot Tosses Cold Water on Plan to Require Special Permission for House Museums

The former home of Emmett Till and his mother, Mamie Till-Mobley, at 6427 S. St. Lawrence Ave. in Chicago’s Woodlawn community. (WTTW News)

Mayor Lori Lightfoot says that a proposal requiring museums to get special permission from city officials before opening in residential neighborhoods is “highly problematic.” Her criticism makes it unlikely that the measure, which has drawn fierce opposition, will advance this week.

Italian American Pride Banners Replace Columbus Statue — Without a Permit

(WTTW News)

Last summer, three Christopher Columbus statues were removed after violent altercations between police and protesters. For months, the sites sat empty. But last fall, a display of Italian American pride banners appeared in place of the former statue in Chicago’s Little Italy neighborhood.

Community Sends Message of Peace, Unity Amid Rising Gun Violence in Albany Park

Community members take part in a peace walk in Albany Park to address gun violence on Sunday, Sept. 20, 2020. (Annemarie Mannion / WTTW News)

About 200 people took part in a peaceful walk Sunday in Albany Park to bring attention to a recent increase in gun violence in the Northwest Side neighborhood, where last week at least seven people were shot, including two teens.

COVID-19 Across Chicago: Chinatown

Restaurants and businesses in Chinatown prepare to reopen on Thursday, June 24, 2020, the eve of Chicago’s transition into phase four. (WTTW News)

It was the first neighborhood to feel the economic impact of COVID-19. Months later, on the eve of the city’s move into phase four, the enduring message is that Chinatown is still here, and it is open for business.

COVID-19 Across Chicago: Elgin

A protest outside of Elgin City Hall on Wednesday, June 24, 2020, over the fatal police shooting of Decynthia Clements in 2018. (WTTW News)

The west suburban city is preparing to ramp up its reopening as the state moves into phase four on Friday. At the same time, Elgin is facing unrest of its own over a police-involved shooting in 2018. 

COVID-19 Across Chicago: Oak Park

(WTTW News)

Oak Park was the first town in Illinois to issue a stay-at-home order when a cluster of COVID-19 cases was found in mid-March, just days before the statewide shutdown. Months later, it has started to come to life again.

COVID-19 Across Chicago: Wicker Park

(WTTW News)

Like many other commercial corridors across the city, Milwaukee Avenue suffered extensive damage just as businesses were about to start welcoming shoppers inside once again.

Chicago History for Sale by Owner as Louis Sullivan’s Kinda-Sorta Last Building Hits the Market

The final building Louis Sullivan helped design is now for sale in Lincoln Square. (Steve Silverman / Flickr)

Never mind the square footage, floor plan or estimated property taxes. The primary selling point of this two-story mixed-use building rests almost entirely in its exquisite facade, which bears the unmistakable mark of the man who designed it.

COVID-19 Across Chicago: Woodlawn

(WTTW News)

Low-income communities across the city are bracing for what could be a large number of evictions once a statewide moratorium is lifted. In one of those communities, a fight over housing has been brewing for years as a large tenant prepares to move in. 

COVID-19 Across Chicago: Portage Park

Communities across Chicago have staged demonstrations in support of Black Lives Matter, and not all of those areas have been Black and Brown. We visit a predominantly White community that held a rally last week.

COVID-19 Across Chicago: Bronzeville

(WTTW News)

All across Chicago, communities are rebuilding from the twin crises of COVID-19 and property damage. We speak with residents, business owners and officials in the historic heart of black Chicago culture.

COVID-19 Across Chicago: Evanston

Downtown Evanston (WTTW News)

As part of our ongoing series, we speak with local officials and activists about Evanston’s reopening and recent calls for police reform in the near north suburb.

COVID-19 Across Chicago: Back of the Yards

The Southwest Side neighborhood has been hit hard by COVID-19 and saw some looting last week. As part of our series, we speak with business owners and community leaders about the path forward.

COVID-19 Across Chicago: South Chicago

Retail businesses in South Chicago sustained property damage during recent incidents of looting. (WTTW News)

On the Southeast Side, a community deals with the aftermath of property damage and looting against the backdrop of ongoing concerns over COVID-19 and environmental pollution.

MLK Once Called it Home. How North Lawndale is Coping with Racial Injustice Today

(WTTW News)

Chicago is an important city in the history of segregation and civil rights. How one neighborhood in particular is grappling with events from more than 50 years ago as it reacts to fallout from George Floyd’s death.

Tensions Ease as Community Leaders Work to Change Narrative on Southwest Side

A solidarity march in Little Village on Wednesday, June 3, 2020. (WTTW News)

There was a message of unity Wednesday as solidarity marches replaced fears of racially motivated violence. We visited Pilsen, Little Village and the suburb of Cicero for a view from the ground.

COVID-19 Across Chicago: Englewood

(WTTW News)

One of the city’s new testing sites is about to open in Englewood. It’s a community that has been hit hard by disinvestment and high rates of crime over the years.

COVID-19 Across Chicago: Logan Square

Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood (WTTW News)

The Northwest Side neighborhood has been transformed by development in recent years, yielding dozens of trendy businesses and new homes. But the influx of wealthier residents has led to significant displacement of longtime residents.

Ask Geoffrey: A 1917 Army Parade on Michigan Avenue

What do a train ride and an army parade have in common? Geoffrey Baer investigates two Chicago publicity stunts in this installment of Ask Geoffrey.

Lake Michigan Nears Historic Water Levels. What’s Happening, and Why

Lake Michigan water levels are expected to top the record for June, and there’s a chance they could surpass the all-time record set in 1986. We head to the lakefront, and speak with experts.