This month Mayor Rahm Emanuel says he plans to wind down seven Tax Increment Financing Districts located near downtown. Critics of the move say he’s hanging downtown out to dry, but others say this is a first step toward taxing transparency. We’ll hear from Crain’s Chicago Business columnist Greg Hinz and Tom Tresser of the TIF Illumination Project.

The City of Chicago will have to wait two more weeks before a judge's ruling on whether pension legislation supported by Mayor Rahm Emanuel is constitutional. Lawyers representing city workers, as well as the city and the employee pension funds made their cases to Cook County Circuit Court Judge Rita Novak Thursday morning. Novak said she will issue a ruling on Friday, July 24.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel joins Chicago Tonight to talk about the pension payment owed by CPS next week, the school system and city's budget deficits, and whether he expects any good news from Springfield.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel, 50 aldermen, including 13 newcomers, and citywide elected officials are sworn into office at the Chicago Theater. Paris Schutz has the details on today’s ceremony.

We speak with Mayor Rahm Emanuel about the Illinois Supreme Court ruling that found the 2013 pension reform law unconstitutional. What does that mean for Chicago’s pension reform? We’ll also ask him about the downgrading of the city’s credit rating to junk status and Obama Presidential Library coming to the South Side of Chicago. 

Mayor Rahm Emanuel lays out a plan to rescue the city’s financial and debt crisis. Paris Schutz explains why that could cost taxpayers hundreds of millions more in the short term.

On Wednesday, Mayor Rahm Emanuel joined Chicago Tonight for an hourlong forum with Mikva Challenge high school students who asked him about his priorities for a second term. After the forum, students shared their thoughts on how well they thought the mayor answered questions and how the forum impacted their opinions of him.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel won a second term in office in this month's runoff election. He joins Chicago Tonight for a forum with Mikva Challenge high school students who'll ask him about his priorities for his second term and how he plans to address issues facing young people in Chicago.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel picked a transition team filled with familiar names, including Chicago Transit Authority President Forrest Claypool and businessman Michael Sacks.

Rahm Emanuel faces his second term as Chicago mayor, but are the days of rubber stamp City Council over? We have the details.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has secured a hard-fought re-election after a historic and surprising runoff challenge from Cook County Commissioner Jesús "Chuy" García.

Chicago mayoral candidates Rahm Emanuel and Jesús "Chuy" García gave a brief news conference following the forum.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel and challenger Jesús "Chuy" García went head-to-head in a live forum hosted by Phil Ponce and live streamed at

With Mayor Rahm Emanuel and challenger Jesús "Chuy" García offering competing views on how to fix the city's finances, our panel looks at the proposals put forward to fix the city's looming crises.

Mayoral Candidates Spar Over Finances, Pensions & Crime

Mayor Rahm Emanuel and challenger Jesús "Chuy" García went one-on-one in the first runoff debate Monday. The two hit hard on each other's positions on city finances, crime, and red light cameras.

Mayoral candidates Rahm Emanuel and Jesús "Chuy" García released their financial plans for the city today. Read their plans.