With less than a month until the April 7 runoff election in Chicago, the mayoral contenders ratchet up the attack rhetoric. Both candidates have harsh words for the other over who can right the city's financial ship. We have the details.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced Sunday the removal of 50 red light cameras at 25 intersections where the number of crashes has fallen. 

Is there a kinder, contrite Mayor Rahm Emanuel?  A new push by the mayor to soften his image comes in the face of criticism about his personal style. This, the state budget, and the ongoing controversy over the Obama Library are taking center stage in the campaign for mayor today. 

City’s Credit Rating, Obama Library Become Focus of Race

The Obama Library and the city's beleaguered credit rating take center stage in the mayoral race, as a new poll shows Rahm Emanuel and Jesús "Chuy" García are in a dead heat.

A new poll concludes that Mayor Rahm Emanuel is "very likely" even with challenger Jesús "Chuy" García. The poll, conducted by Ogden & Fry, shows Emanuel up 43 percent to 38.5 percent, with 18.6 percent undecided.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Cook County Commissioner Jesús "Chuy" García will join us on Tuesday, March 31, one week before the runoff election.

Chicago Tonight hosted a live candidate forum with contenders for the office of Mayor of Chicago, including the incumbent Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Ald. Bob Fioretti, Cook County Commissioner Jesús "Chuy" García, and businessman Willie Wilson.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel and his four challengers face off in their first forum in front of Chicago Tribune's editorial board.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel gets the endorsement of his former boss, President Barack Obama. How will that affect the landscape of the mayoral race?

Mayor Rahm Emanuel called a special meeting of the City Council for next Tuesday, Dec. 2 to vote on hiking the city minimum wage.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel called on the Illinois Legislature to reform sentencing laws for low-level drug offenses. Brandis Friedman has the details.

Rahm and Reform

The BGA assesses how many promises Mayor Rahm Emanuel kept during his first term.

Chicago Tonight’s Phil Ponce interviews Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Phil and Rahm look back at his first three years in office and they discuss Chicago’s future.

Chicago Tonight’s Phil Ponce interviews Mayor Rahm Emanuel on the three-year anniversary of Emanuel’s time in office. 

A Look at the Mayor's First Three Years

Tonight we look back at Rahm Emanuel’s first three years as Chicago’s first mayor post Richard M. Daley. We address Emanuel’s future challenges, including his re-election bid. View timeline of key events during Emanuel’s term.

We take a closer look at Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s accomplishments, disappointments and approval ratings during his first two years in office.