We revisit Chicago Tonight’s story about Chicago Public School students participation in an award-winning program at Chicago Shakespeare Theatre.


Chicago Public School students embrace William Shakespeare in an award-winning program at Chicago Shakespeare Theater.

Alison Ruttan examines the cyclical nature of war by making ceramic models of the Iraq-Kuwait War's Highway of Death and the 2006 retaliatory bombing of Beirut by Israel. Her toy-sized cars and tabletop models of bombed out buildings are a departure for the artist, who most recently worked in photography and video.

A playwright uses the internet to develop a new script about the fight to build a suburban mosque. We get a preview of Mosque Alert by Silk Road Rising and Jamil Khoury. Watch a video and read an interview.

"I Will Kiss These Walls"

Teenagers from the northwest side create a play about the foreclosure crisis and the various ways activists are fighting to keep people in their homes. We preview the Albany Park Theater Project’s I Will Kiss These Walls. Read an interview with a community leader who helped bring these stories to the stage and watch a web extra video.

Two Los Angeles-based Chicano artists currently have exhibits at the National Museum of Mexican Art. We take a look at the art of Chaz Bojórquez and John Valadez.

We preview a fresh, exuberant take on Gilbert and Sullivan by the gods of Chicago storefront theater.

We meet  Springfield bow-tying artist Allison Lacher, whose playful work can be seen at venues across central Illinois.

Law of Interchange by Peggy Macnamara

Meet the Field Museum's artist-in-residence. We get a behind-the-scenes tour of a most unusual studio environment.

Frank Galati

Tony Award winner, Frank Galati, joins us to talk about his newest play at Steppenwolf Theatre: an adaptation of E.L. Doctorow's Civil War novel, The March.

A local Mexican art museum with works from around the world celebrates its 25th anniversary. The founder joins us with details.

Find out what Chef Rick Bayless is cooking up on stage when we visit a rehearsal of his new show at Lookingglass Theatre.

We visit a treasure box of a museum in the western suburbs and find out about the immigrant who built it, one stone at a time.

Couresy Lyric Opera of Chicago
Courtesy Chicago Cultural Center

A new exhibit at the Chicago Cultural Center brings death to life. We speak with the local man who assembled this morbid collection.