Harry Houdini

The legend of Harry Houdini gets turned upside-down when two local theater companies explore the magic behind the peerless entertainer.

A chance to dance; we take a look at Hubbard Street Dance Company's effort to boost homegrown talent.

We take a look at a small press in Champaign, Illinois that publishes everyone from Herman Melville to Aldous Huxley, and brings modern European fiction to the USA in Arts Across Illinois.

National Hellenic Museum

We take a look at the new National Hellenic Museum in Greektown, which features a full-sized Trojan Horse, and a look at the role immigrants played in building Chicago on Arts Across Illinois.

Ramsey Lewis discusses the creative process behind his latest Lincoln inspired composition.


Mass Transit Mess
Labor leaders are threatening "job action" if Springfield fails to pass a comprehensive transit funding package. Rich Samuels has the latest on the escalating transit crisis. Then Eddie Arruza and his panel of legislators discuss whether a looming strike will finally get Springfield moving. Guests: State Rep. Julie Hamos, State Rep. Brent Hassert, State Sen. Rickey Hendon and State Sen. Christine Radogno.


News Analysis with Carol Marin
About 300,000 children are used as child soldiers in armed conflict around the world. Carol Marin talks to Ishmael Beah, a former child soldier and author of the new book "A Long Way Gone."

Power Struggle
The battle over electricity rates continues in Springfield. Speaker Mike Madigan sits down with Elizabeth Brackett to talk about strategies to bring the high rates down.


The Week in Review
A savage beating by an off-duty Chicago cop caught on video, Mayor Daley's former aide indicted on hiring fraud charges, 4,000 anti-war protesters march downtown, Airbus lands their brand-new double-decker jet at O'Hare, Blue Line repairs could cost $100 million and take 3 years to complete, and the Cubs and Sox can't wait for Opening Day.



Remembering President Ford
President Ford is often credited with helping to "heal" the country in the wake of Watergate. We'll look at some specific steps he took, including his appointment of a prominent Chicagoan. Guest: David Strauss

News Analysis with Carol Marin
ComEd cries poor and says it needs a steep rate increase in order to avoid bankruptcy. But today's Sun-Times details the CEO's $27 million salary. Carol Marin and her panel take a closer look.


Goodbye, Dusty
Cubs manager Dusty Baker is OUT! After one of the most disastrous seasons in years, Baker was let go by the team one day after the resignation of team president, Andy McPhail. Elizabeth Brackett reports on what might happen next to the north siders.


News Analysis with Eddie Arruza
Could Senator Barack Obama be a presidential candidate in 2008? He continues to say "no," but there are indications that suggest "maybe." Eddie Arruza and his panelists take a look at the Obama factor and the political climate leading up to the midterm elections. Guests: Melissa Harris Lacewell, Eric Zorn, John Cox

John Dean
Elizabeth Brackett talks to key Watergate figure John Dean about his latest book, Conservatives Without Conscience.

Vegetable-Based Fuel
A garbage truck that runs on vegetable-based fuel? Hammond, Indiana, has one and it's about to get more. Rich Samuels has the story of a Chicago company that's developing a cheaper, greener alternative to diesel.

News Analysis with Joel Weisman
More record prices at the gas pumps. Joel Weisman and his panel look at what's behind the rumored increase to four dollars a gallon. Guests: Dave Sykuta, Paul Brian and Brian Imus

News Analysis with Phil Ponce
Judy Baar Topinka is eyeing the governor's mansion. Phil Ponce and his panel of political pundits assess her chances. Guests: Craig Dellimore, Greg Hinz and Carlos Hernandez Gomez

Terry Hillard
Chicago's former police superintendent Terry Hillard has written a new book, Chicago Police: An Inside View. We'll talk to him about his work, his legacy and the city's changing crime numbers.

News Analysis with Phil Ponce
White Sox fans are ecstatic after Friday's Red Sox sweep. Phil Ponce's panel previews tomorrow's American League championship game. Guests: Ron Kittle, Tom Shaer, and Lou Canellis.

Bears Alumni Club
In Chicago we can't have good sports news without some bad as well. Super Bowl Bears tight end Emery Moorehead breaks down the Bears' latest debacle — and reminisces about better football times.


New Corruption Charges
U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald claims that $137,000 in bribes were given in exchange for $8 million worth of park district business - the scheme involving a former park district official and a mundelein landscape firm. Rich Samuels has the details.