It’s the world’s most powerful digital camera and it sits atop the Blanco telescope in the Andes Mountains of Chile. But it was constructed on the campus of Fermilab in far west suburban Batavia. The Dark Energy Camera officially began its work on August 31 and has already captured some amazing images of outer space. Its real mission, though, is to help scientists figure out if so-called Dark Energy is responsible for the universe’s accelerating expansion. We learn how the camera is helping scientists unravel one of the greatest mysteries in the cosmos. Watch videos and view a slideshow.

Physicists at the largest particle accelerator in the world are set to announce their findings on the Higgs particle on Wednesday. Fermilab's Rob Roser joins us to discuss Fermilab's own results and what to expect tomorrow.

Neil Shubin

Penguins, ADHD, Tevatron & Leonardo da Vinci

Sniffing out relatives? It may not be the human way, but it works for one finely dressed bird. We explore penguin behavior and more in tonight's Scientific Chicago.

MINOS far detector. Image credit: Fermilab

Did European scientists do the impossible and exceed the speed of light? They say they did; now west suburban Fermilab will conduct its own experiments on this. Eddie Arruza talks with a Fermilab scientist about the speed of light and what it all means.