The former Chicago City Council watchdog is back on the investigative beat. Faisal Khan, who served as City Council's  Legislative Inspector General, is heading up a new government watchdog organization.

Efforts to pass a stronger plan making the City Council more accountable were sidelined yesterday. Aldermen tells us what happened behind the scenes.

City Council today proved that it is ready for reform – just not very much reform. It was a tense debate over which reform measure to support: one that would give Inspector General Joe Ferguson broad, sweeping powers to investigate and audit aldermen, or a more hands-off approach favored by powerful Ald. Ed Burke (14th Ward). Paris Schutz has the story.

Faisal Khan

As aldermen debate who should be allowed to investigate them, former City Council watchdog Faisal Khan talks about his time at City Hall and why he billed the city for a flat-screen TV.

The City Council is expected to vote this week on whether to extend the powers of city Inspector General Joe Ferguson to cover the activities of the City Council itself. More than 30 aldermen are said to be supportive of the measure, but key alderman are trying to dilute the powers that Ferguson may be given. A panel of aldermen tells us what they think will happen.

Higher taxes are coming to Cook County, new rules on drones are in the works for the city of Chicago, and Mayor Emanuel has a message for aldermen in the wake of the departure of Legislative Inspector General Faisal Khan. Paris Schutz has the full rundown.

Now that controversial Legislative Inspector General Faisal Khan is out, what will aldermen do with the watchdog office? We speak to three aldermen about whether the future should be in the hands of Chicago's Inspector General Joe Ferguson or if there's another way to investigate City Council.

City Council Oversight to End on Monday

A report from the City Council Office of the Legislative Inspector General concludes that 29 aldermen took in a total of $282,000 in illegal campaign donations in 2013. 

Are aldermen trying to operate without any oversight? We'll talk to the outspoken legislative inspector general about why he feels he needs more money to do his job.

Pat O’Connor

40th Ward Alderman Pat O’Connor, the mayor’s City Council floor leader, lashed out today at claims that he passed a bill trying to weaken the city council watchdog’s power to police campaign finance. And he says the timing of the bill, first reported by Chicago Tonight, is not connected to a recently opened probe into possible campaign finance violations O’Connor may have committed. 

Ald. Joe Moore (49th), known as a progressive and reform-minded politician, and for defying former Mayor Richard M. Daley on a host of issues, is facing multiple ethics probes, Chicago Tonight has exclusively learned. Read an article.

Ald. Burke agrees to show records on disability pay to City Council watchdog. But should the records be turned over to City Inspector General Joe Ferguson instead? Paris Schutz has the latest.

Powerful alderman ‘intends to cooperate fully’

Chicago City Council's watchdog says he will "immediately" investigate records controlled by Ald. Ed Burke.

City Council's recently appointed watchdog is looking at Chicago's most powerful alderman, and is investigating 20 more aldermen or aldermanic staff members for potential wrongdoing. We have the exclusive details.

Chicago City Council

Does the new Inspector General of the Chicago City Council have the ability to fulfill his job description? We talk with the man himself to discuss the future of his new position.