Emily Graslie at the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, Montana, for Episode 2 of “Prehistoric Road Trip.” (Credit: Julie Florio / WTTW)

The new WTTW-produced PBS series “Prehistoric Road Trip” is a project more than two billion years in the making. Host Emily Graslie tells us about the show.

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The Field Museum will be at the center of Chicago’s youth climate strike Friday as activists across the globe hold what is expected to be one of the largest environmental demonstrations in the history of the planet.

She has held the unique job title of Chief Curiosity Correspondent at the Field Museum since 2013. Now, Emily Graslie tells us about her new podcast “ExploreAStory.”

Emily Graslie appears on Chicago Tonight in September 2015.

The rally, march and expo is projected to be among the largest of those taking place Saturday in 400-plus cities worldwide.

Emily Graslie appears on “Chicago Tonight” in September 2015.

The Field Museum's Chief Curiosity Correspondent has a new show and she's here to tell us all about it.

The museum's "chief curiosity correspondent" is one of five online personalities nominated for the 20th annual award, a kind of people's choice of the internet. 

Field Museum curators break down the taxonomy of candy in a new "Brain Scoop" video. 

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Project Nearly 90 Years in the Making

The onset of the Great Depression stalled a nearly complete diorama project conceived in the 1920s. Emily Graslie, the Field's chief curiosity correspondent, made it her mission to complete it nearly 90 years later. She joins us to discuss the project.

Emily Graslie, creator of the “The Brain Scoop” YouTube channel, talks about her recent video addressing sexist comments and the lack of women in the science industry. Watch the video.

Photograph of Bassaricyon neblina "Olinguito" taken in the wild at Tandayapa Bird Lodge, Ecuador; image credit: Mark Gurney

A new carnivorous mammal is now on display at The Field Museum. Described as a cross between a cat and a teddy bear, the Olinguito was part of the museum's collection for decades. Bill Stanley, the Field's mammals collections manager, brings the specimen to our studios. Watch Emily Graslie's "The Brain Scoop" video about the Olinguito.

YouTube personality Emily Graslie, creator of the "The Brain Scoop” channel, joins us to talk about her new gig at the Field Museum as its Chief Curiosity Correspondent. She will also bring some friends from the Field’s collections to share. Watch Emily's online science videos.