In this May 4, 2011 file photo, Chicago Ald. Ed Burke speaks at a City Council meeting. (AP Photo / M. Spencer Green, File)

The storied career of 14th Ward Ald. Ed Burke has the potential to end with a prison sentence. A trio of veteran Chicago journalists offer their insight on the federal investigation.

What does the mayor’s decision to not seek re-election mean to challengers – and potential challengers – in the 2019 race? Local political reporters weigh in.

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Chicago Tonight correspondent Carol Marin asks the president about his legacy, violence in Chicago and whether he would consider pardoning disgraced former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

Will the policies of president-elect Trump mirror some of the controversial and divisive issues he spoke of on the campaign trail?

The legendary Chicago news anchor who started his career at WMAQ-Channel 5 in August of 1981 will sign off one last time from WLS-Channel 7 on May 25.

Illinois Comptroller Leslie Munger tightens state lawmakers' belts, hoping to force a budget deal. Will that work to break the deadlock?

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Illinois State Capitol

This is week three of the partial state government shutdown. Carol Marin talks with four lawmakers about whether a compromise is in the foreseeable future.

State lawmakers are considered a temporary one-month budget in an effort to keep state government funded. That measure failed in the House. Senate President John Cullerton has proposed a measure that addresses the pension crisis facing Chicago Public Schools, while also incorporating a property tax freeze which Gov. Bruce Rauner sought. We talk with Chicago Tonight correspondents Carol Marin and Amanda Vinicky.

We’ll talk about the latest developments in Springfield with veteran reporter Carol Marin and Springfield correspondent Amanda Vinicky. It’ll be a whooper of day as a state government shutdown appears increasingly likely because Tuesday is the final day in the state’s current budget. Meanwhile, Chicago Public Schools managed to pay its $634 million pension payment Tuesday afternoon. 

Carol Marin and her guests take one last look at the candidates and campaigns before votes are cast tomorrow.

Flight delays and cancellations are expected to continue at Chicago’s two airports following a fire being set at a radar facility in Aurora on Friday.

Carol Marin reports on GOP Day at the State Fair in Springfield. 

Carol Marin joins us live from the State Fairgrounds in Springfield.

Rep. Mike Quigley talks with Carol Marin about the situation in Ukraine, minimum wage, the upcoming Senate election, and more. View a timeline of Rep. Quigley's career.

Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan files an amendment that would enact Mayor Rahm Emanuel's new pension reduction plan. The proposal includes a hefty property tax increase while also shrinking pension benefits. Who wins and who loses?