Lane Tech High School (LonleyBeacon)

While many Chicago teachers boycotted going to work today to participate in the Chicago Teachers Union’s day of action, Lane Tech High School teacher Mike DeRoss showed up for work because he felt it was the right thing to do.

Chicago Teachers Union Vice President Jesse Sharkey started his day at Roosevelt High School in Albany Park. He hopes Friday’s walkout sparks action on the state budget. At Beasley Elementary in the Washington Park neighborhood, CTU President Karen Lewis rallied her troops and argued funding is exactly what the strike is about.

Thousands of Chicago public school teachers and supporters took to the streets Friday for a one-day strike. Pickets and protests were held all around the city. Eddie Arruza and his guests talk about the strike and other big news on this week’s edition of the Week in Review.

Demonstrators in Chicago and around the United States are protesting Wednesday for a $15-an-hour minimum wage. Organizers said workers in other countries would also rally, claiming it’s the largest-ever international demonstration by workers.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the working group that came up with the $13 minimum wage proposal take a victory lap after 44-5 vote.

The minimum wage in Chicago is about to go up. A plan to increase it by about $1 each year for the next five years overwhelmingly passed City Council today, despite objections that it will force jobs out of the city, and threats from business groups that they could still undo today's action.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel supports a recommendation from his task force that the city’s minimum wage be raised to $13. Some City Council members believe that’s not high enough and business owners are against the hike altogether.

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Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the Chicago City Council tackle minimum wage, Wrigley Field renovations and more at today's meeting. 

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Last week House Speaker Michael Madigan advanced a proposal to ask voters whether the state’s minimum wage should be increased to $10 an hour. Despite countless reports and research, the argument over the minimum wage still remains contentious. We debate the issue with our panel.

Rep. Mike Quigley talks with Carol Marin about the situation in Ukraine, minimum wage, the upcoming Senate election, and more. View a timeline of Rep. Quigley's career.

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Gov. Quinn lays out some major proposals in his state of state address, such as raising the minimum wage and banning assault weapons. But it's what he did and didn't say about pension reform that's getting attention today. The governor joins us.