Beekeeper Thad Smith holds a frame of Italian honeybees in Cook County Jail’s parking log. Smith is a former jail detainee who founded the company West Side Bee Boyz after taking part in a job-training program. (Evan Garcia / WTTW)

Behind barbed wire fences, Cook County Jail inmates grow vegetables, flowers, herbs, and – as of May – they’re harvesting honey from two beehives provided by a former inmate.

This undated photo provided by the Newton County Sheriff’s Office in Kentland, Indiana, shows Edgar Gardozo-Vasquez. (Newton County Sheriff’s Office via AP)

Animal Recovery Mission said its new video shows workers abusing adult cows behind the scenes at Fair Oaks Farms at a milking carousel at the popular agritourism destination about 70 miles south of Chicago.

(Fair Oaks Farms / Facebook)

Three former employees of a large northwestern Indiana dairy have been charged with animal cruelty following the release of undercover video showing workers kicking and throwing young calves, officials said Monday.

(Fair Oaks Farms / Facebook)

Animal Recovery Mission says an investigator for the animal rights group secretly recorded footage that shows the “daily mistreatment of the resident farm animals” at Indiana’s Fair Oaks Farms.

(chrisbeez / Pixabay)

A flood of Illinois farmers are hoping hemp will be a cash crop for them this summer after Gov. J.B. Pritzker and the Illinois Department of Agriculture opened up licensing last week.

(kat_geb / Flickr)

Farmers and others across the state are preparing to grow and process a new crop as Illinois finalizes regulations for industrial hemp. 

(Courtesy of McDonald’s)

After years of pressure from public health advocates, the Chicago-based burger chain announces a plan to reduce the use of antibiotics in its beef products.

(Anthony Albright / Flickr)

Medical professionals and public health advocates in Illinois are calling on lawmakers to pass legislation to curb limiting what they say is a “reckless overuse” of antibiotics in meat-producing animals.

(Karamo / Pixabay)

Lawmakers are set to consider legislation this week that would limit the use of antibiotics in food-producing animals, a practice that has been shown to fuel drug-resistant bacteria that can be dangerous to humans.

Environmental activists pose for a photo during Wednesday’s protest in downtown Chicago. (Courtesy Mighty Earth)

According to a new report, McDonald’s and Whole Foods sell meat from agribusiness companies that are responsible for mass deforestation and pollution.

(kat_geb / Flickr)

A new law allows Illinois farmers to grow cannabis for non-drug uses, making Illinois the latest state to legalize a crop that experts say is growing in demand.

The rooftop garden at Uncommon Ground restaurant in Edgewater. (Chicago Tonight)

Two certified organic gardens on opposite sides of the city provide benefits to the environment and nearby communities.

Opening day on April 25, 2018, of the McDonald’s restaurant inside the company’s new West Loop headquarters.

Animal welfare advocates will gather next week at McDonald's new West Loop headquarters to present a petition with more than 200,000 signatures calling on the company to improve conditions for chickens in its supply chain. 

(Pexels / Pixabay)

Despite the growing number of farmers markets in Illinois and across the U.S., a number of reports in recent years show that sales across the country are down. How markets are adapting to reach today’s consumers.

(kat_geb / Flickr)

The state is one step closer to legalizing the production of industrial hemp after a 106-3 vote in the Illinois House this week. 

(kat_geb / Flickr)

Agriculture advocates say industrial hemp would offer Illinois farmers an additional crop – one with a lucrative future.