Chicago Urban League Strives to Produce Opportunities

For nearly 100 years, the Chicago Urban League has been creating opportunities within the African American community.

Arts Program Teaches Young People to Find Their Voice

A vibrant 17-year-old with a beaming smile, Mekel Johnson walked into the room prepared for an interview that could grant him the opportunity to end his summer with a memorable trip.

In Swahili, Kusanya means to collect and gather the people and strengths within the community to build a stronger, more hopeful, and more peaceful neighborhood. Kusanya is also a café in Englewood which has embarked on a journey of bringing hope and love to the community. 

One Woman’s Mission to Provide a Safe Haven

Diane Lanitker opened her home to help Roseland youth to provide them a safe haven from violence. Since Kids Off the Block’s founding in 2003, the organization has expanded beyond the walls of Lanitker’s home as word spread among local youth that there was a woman who would help them.

Bulls' Noah joins the Fight Against Chicago Violence

Chicago Bulls star Joakim Noah teams up with rapper, actor, and Chicago native Common to unveil a new anti-violence program including a star-studded public service announcement.

One Summer Chicago provides teens with summer jobs. Learn about one participating organization whose founder hopes the program will help curb violence. 

Foundation Helps Paralyzed Gunshot Victims

A gunshot victim who became paralyzed created a foundation to help others who suffer the same fate. Learn about Eric Wilkins and Broken Winggz.

Boxing Club Gives Youth Hope One Punch at a Time

Now that school is out, and summer has officially begun, children can be seen running, playing, and riding their bikes down their blocks; the same blocks where you can hear gunshots, cries, and whispers of retaliation. As the temperature outside rises, it often appears that the violence that plagues some of Chicago’s neighborhoods does too. Learn about a boxing gym that helps rehabilitate Englewood’s youth.