Illinois Delegate Thrown Out of RNC for Racist Post

Tim Schneider: "Racism and threats of violence have no place in the Republican Party."Tim Schneider: "Racism and threats of violence have no place in the Republican Party."

An Illinois delegate for Donald Trump had her credentials revoked after Illinois Republican officials determined she was behind a racist Facebook post.

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Lori Gayne has been forced to leave the delegation hotel after reportedly posting a photo of law enforcement officers in Cleveland with the caption: “Our brave snipers just waiting for some n----- to try something. Love them.”

“Racism and threats of violence have no place in the Republican Party, especially when we're trying to build unity,” said Illinois GOP Chairman Tim Schneider, who says he met with his executive committee Wednesday and decided immediately to revoke Gayne’s credentials after she admitted to posting the photo and comment.

In earlier interviews with reporters, Gayne used aliases instead of her real name.

“We can't let something like this go unchecked,” Schneider said. “These people are all great people from all around the state of Illinois and these things create disunity, and we won't tolerate it.”

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