How do you teach your children to be smart about money? New York Times personal finance columnist Ron Lieber seeks to answer that question in his new book, The Opposite of Spoiled. He joins us to discuss how to instill values and the value of the dollar in a younger generation.

Two main tracks exist for professors in the academic world: tenured and non-tenured faculty. Across the nation, some non-tenured, adjunct faculty members are asking for higher wages, benefits and a more equal system. Can these two levels of professorship continue to exist? Is one becoming more predominant than the other? And what is the effect on the cost and quality of education? We discuss these questions and more with our panel.

Drones have been a hot topic in the media nationwide with the FAA working to catch up with the technology and a drone landing on White House property this week. What are the current regulations in Chicago and Illinois? We discuss drones with our panel.

Documentary film series, The School Project, releases its second installment focusing on the 50 schools closings conducted by CPS in May 2013. The episode centers around a Chicago family as they navigate the process and what the largest school closing in American history means for education policy in the city.

Jeremy Josse has worked in the financial services sector for more than 20 years and has always looked to explore the philosophical paradoxes within the industry. In his new book, Josse examines financial conundrums and economic concepts we accept at face value in a series of philosophical case studies.

It's official. Bruce Rauner is the 42nd Governor of Illinois. What will be his first steps as governor and how will he begin to rein in the crippling debt the state has become known for? We discuss this and more with our panel.

Illinois still has one of the worst funded pension systems in the nation. But reform efforts seem to be at a standstill until the Illinois Supreme Court rules on the constitutionality of a pension bill passed last year. The court is scheduled to hear arguments in March.

Obama Library proposals from The University of Illinois at Chicago and The University of Chicago are getting added help from the mayor's office to ensure the library stays in the Midwest as The U of C finally releases proposal specifics. Hearings are set for next week to aid The U of C in securing city park land for the proposed Jackson Park and Washington Park locations. Some fear the hearings will serve to push through rushed legislation for a land grab.

Congressman Mike Quigley stops by to talk congressional priorities and the tone that was set by the spending bill passed over the weekend.

More Chicagoans than ever are leaving the church. Why is this and can the new archbishop help turn around the trend?

Tis the Season

The holiday season is upon us which means a rundown of winter planting and festive decor with Eliza Fournier from the Chicago Botanic Garden.


Former congressman and mental illness advocate Patrick Kennedy discusses his life's work, his personal struggle with bipolar disorder and addiction, and why this is one of the most crucial civil rights issues today.

As of Tuesday, Blase Cupich will become the new Archbishop of the Chicago Diocese. We explore the transition process and what can be expected from Archbishop Cupich as he takes on his new flock.

As the medical marijuana pilot program gets underway in Illinois, some fear the corruption and cronyism the state is known for will dominate who will be granted the first licenses. We explore the application process and how it will be overseen by state officials.

From the now halted construction of the Chicago Spire to the renovated Navy Pier, a moment of reflection may be needed before the City of Chicago undertakes more massive projects.

Cardinal Francis George is in the process of transitioning from his role as head of the Archdiocese of Chicago. We join him as he looks back on his time in this role, his views on the Catholic Church, Pope Francis, and how he has worked to bring transparency and healing to victims of sexual abuse by Catholic priests.