A daughter of Jesse Owens, the African-American runner who dominated the 1936 Berlin Olympics, will speak at the opening of "Nazi Olympics: Berlin 1936," the Illinois Holocaust Museum's new special exhibition.

In the new book Born Survivors, author Wendy Holden tells the story of three women who gave birth in a Nazi concentration camp during World War II. The three babies managed to survive, and they finally meet one another 65 years later.

The Memory Archives aims to preserve the stories of Holocaust survivors in the Chicagoland area. The joint project between Northwestern and University of Hamburg students premieres Thursday night.

The artist Charlotte Salomon raced against the clock to finish a pictorial autobiography as World War II closed in around her.

Meet someone you won't soon forget. A local woman shares her story of surviving World War II with her love and humanity intact.

We continue our conversation with Sir Gilbert Levine, and the miracle he says Pope John Paul II performed on his mother-in-law.