For nearly half of Gov. Bruce Rauner’s term, Illinois has been without a budget. Rauner argues the budget impasse constitutes a state of emergency, which is his rationale for using an obscure rule-making procedure to cut spending and set up stricter eligibility requirements for social services. Amanda Vinicky joins us to discuss the governor’s plans.

As summer turns to fall, time seems to be at a standstill in Springfield. With the House not scheduled to meet anytime soon, is now the time for state lawmakers to break ranks and come up with a plan B? And if so, what practical options do they have? We talk with a group of so-called rebel lawmakers.

Gov. Bruce Rauner

After last week’s legislative victory over Democrats on a union arbitration bill, Gov. Bruce Rauner has a new message for the General Assembly. This comes as Illinois' budget deficit escalates each day. Paris Schutz has the story.

The Illinois House failed to approve a bill that would have delayed CPS’ massive pension payment due at the end of the month. Chicago Tonight Springfield reporter Amanda Vinicky has the latest on that and why the Governor’s office skipped a House and Revenue Finance Committee meeting.

Gov. Bruce Rauner has proposed big cuts to try and close a $6 billion budget gap, all the while traveling the state promoting a right-to-work agenda. We go one-on-one with the governor about his many controversial proposals in his first Chicago Tonight interview since the election.

Gov. Bruce Rauner reveals his fiscal plans for the state today. What spending cuts should Illinois residents anticipate and how does Rauner plan to dig the state out of a colossal hole of debt? Illinois Public Radio's Statehouse Bureau Chief Amanda Vinicky breaks down Rauner's budget address.

When Gov. Bruce Rauner announced the hiring of former Hawaii Gov. Linda Lingle, he called the two-term Republican a "superstar governor" with a proven track record. We'll learn more about Lingle's time in office and her legacy in Hawaii from Chad Blair, political reporter for the Honolulu Civil Beat.

Gov. Bruce Rauner delivered his first State of the State address.

New Gov. Bruce Rauner addresses the massive budget challenges ahead. Just how does the state plan to pay its bills? We will have the details.

Bruce Rauner takes the oath of office as Illinois’ 42nd governor. Paris Schutz has more on what Rauner said during his inaugural address.

Hundreds of mourners gathered Tuesday inside New York City's St. Ignatius Loyola Church as former three-term New York Gov. Mario Cuomo was laid to rest. 

Gov. Pat Quinn speaks to the City Club of Chicago during his final days in office.

New numbers touted by the governor’s office show that the Illinois unemployment rate has fallen more than any other state in the last year. But is it all good economic news? Paris Schutz has the story.

Another day, another set of accusations of corruption from Illinois’ candidates for governor.

Candidates Announce Debate Schedules

Republican candidate for governor Bruce Rauner agrees to a series of debates with Gov. Pat Quinn. But why is the Quinn camp calling Rauner’s debate schedule "phony" and "concocted?" Paris Schutz has the latest.

Carol Marin and four political journalists analyze where the candidates stand in the latest polls, and how money is influencing the hotly contested races.