FILE - This Feb. 20, 2015, photo shows an arrangement of peanuts in New York. (Patrick Sison / AP Photo, File)

An estimated 17 million people in the U.S. have the type of food allergies that can cause rapid, serious symptoms, including severe, whole-body reactions that are potentially deadly.

In this Jan. 10, 2020 image from video, 18-year-old Nina Nichols prepares to take her dose of Palforzia in her home in Washington. On Friday, Jan. 30, 2020, the Food and Drug Administration approved Palforzia, the first treatment for peanut allergies in a big step toward better care for all kinds of food allergies -- but still a long way from a cure. (AP Photo / Federica Narancio)

The first treatment for peanut allergies is about to hit the market, a big step toward better care for all kinds of food allergies – but still a long way from a cure.

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Illinois recently passed a sesame-labeling law, but federal law doesn’t require such labeling when it comes to the ninth most common food allergen. What a new study tells us about its prevalence.

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Food allergies are on the rise, affecting 32 million Americans. Yet local clinicians are optimistic about future treatments, including one that could soon receive FDA approval.

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More than 26 million American adults are estimated to have a food allergy, with shellfish reported as the top allergen, according to a new study by Northwestern University and Lurie Children’s Hospital.

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A change in state law will ensure first responders are equipped with EpiPens. Meet the mother of the girl who inspired the legislation.

Starting next month, some restaurant managers must be formally trained in food allergy safety. But an informal survey by the Illinois Food Allergy Education Association indicates not all restaurants are aware of the new rules. 


Illinois joins a handful of states that require restaurants to provide some form of food allergen awareness and safety training. Learn about the new rules.


Food allergies affect 15 million Americans and cause approximately 30,000 emergency department visits each year. Can the restaurant industry help bring these figures down?

Nearly 3 million Americans have celiac disease, and a new study links a common but otherwise harmless virus to the condition.

Infants as young as 4 months old should be introduced to peanut-containing foods to prevent the development of peanut allergies, according to new guidelines.

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What does it mean when a food label says it “may contain” peanuts or was “processed in a facility” that also uses peanuts? A local pediatrician explains what these labels mean and why consumers should be wary of them.

As public outcry over the cost of EpiPen continues, Mylan announces it will create a generic version of the brand name life-saving drug.(Intropin via Wikimedia Commons)

The maker of the EpiPen announced Monday it will create a generic version of the life-saving drug at half the cost of the brand name. But a local allergist is skeptical about how much that will help.